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Interview – Hank and Nate from Lionize and Orange Amps.

Hank : Hey what’s up everybody I’m Hank, from Lionize, I play the bass.

Nate: I’m Nate from Lionize, I play the guitar, and we are here at our Black  Heart in Camden Town, London.

Hank: We are in our van, outside of that place.

Nate: We are in an alley in Camden.

Hank: We are in an alley in Camden, which is very homey!

Nate: It smells good.

Amp wise for me its two things and two things only. Its tone and reliability, if the amp sounds great but shits out every three gigs, its for the garbage pile.

Hank: And he is very good at that. Its very good at getting things, thinking they are going to be great and deciding they are awful.

Nate: One show even and soundcheck.

Hank: This my favourite amp ever and now i’m selling it!

Nate: But I have consistently had Orange as part of my rig since about 2011-2012.

My rig on this current tour, is the same rig as the home US tour, minus a speaker cabinet. Its an Orange OR50 going into a PPC112, thats AB’d with a 1976 Marshall JMP 212 Combo.

Hank: My rig on this run, I’m playing an Ampeg SVT Classic through the OB15 and OB410.

Nate: OBC!

Hank: OBC!

Nate: I always have an Orange cab in my rig, for specifically in guitar speaking for the low and mid. There is no low end resonance like an Orange 412, even the 112 is shockingly vibrant and resonant. They are quite heavy but I think once that wood connects with the floor, that’s how you get that sound. So gladly lug it up any set of stairs.

Hank: I go back to Orange simply because it adds an element of grit for me bass playing wise. Its add some dirt in a way that other cabs dont.

Nate: Different bands measure success on a spectrum, for some its money. Some its…

Hank: Lobster and hookers.

Nate: Lobster and hookers. But I think for a band like us because we are such fans of music and looking at the web site and seeing our name on same list as Stevie Wonder and Jimmy Page and Geddy Lee and Billy Gibbons. We are going to go along and say that’s a pretty nice notch on the old success…

Hank: Belt?

Nate: Belt!

Hank: Headboard?

Nate: Headboard! We measure success in headboard notches! Thats one of them! And Lobsters and Hookers!