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Interview – Steve Micciche of Every Time I Die

Hi Steve Micciche here, I play bass guitar for Every Time I Die!

I would say probably Weezer and Black Sabbath is when I saw an Orange Amp. I remember seeing a Weezer video in like 94′ and Matt Sharpe the bass player was playing an Orange. His bass tone was awesome and his live show was really sick, so that was the first time I saw a bass Orange amp. Then there were some Black Sabbath videos, like “Paranoid” there is some Orange in there.

Oh the look was so cool! Just Orange on there was just rad! So it was the look first and then the tone.

What I look for in an amp is simplicity and then tone, all the Orange stuff has it. Plugging in a bass for the first time, was with Every Time I Die actually, using the AD200 and I was blown away. It sounded like a chainsaw, it was great, exactly what we need for this type of band. You’ve got to kind of play defence in Every Time I Die and kind of hold it down. The guitars are going at 11, I need something that is going to keep up with the guitars but something that is super simplistic, that I know is going to sound good everytime I turn it on. That’s what I get out of Orange every single time.

I actually started with the AD200, then I had the Terror bass head and then moved on to the OB1-300. The 300 is great, the tone is massive but the extra mojo that is in there is great too with the gain circuit, where you can blend in a bit and give it that extra grit. Which is great and I don’t lose any low end on it too!

Basically the rig is stage left the AD200 through the OBC810 and then stage right I have the OB1-300 with the OBC810. The mix is fantastic, we were running all sorts of mics on the cabs, the DI’s and the blend I get of the nice tube head, the warmth and also what the OB1-300 has to offer as far as the extra grit I can add in there on the stage right, everything just blends fantastic. I’ve been using them over here when we have been on European shows and I just really loved the low end and the tone I got out of them. So then I switched to them in the States and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s an honour, it’s incredible, to see all your childhood heroes playing Orange and then be part of the roster, it’s something I’m really proud of.