What’s My Motivation?

Ever wondered just whatever possessed you to pick up the guitar in the first place? There are probably loads of reasons but we thought we’d spend a few minutes and contemplate what we think are probably the most popular. Dare you admit to your ‘real’ motivation?

Money Makes the World Go Round.

Walt went about things slightly differently…














Money is a very powerful motivator; just ask Walt Whitman (if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad where have you been?).  However unlike Walt’s route to a fortune, playing the guitar is somewhat more legal (it’s no less perilous though).  If you’re one of the lucky ones and make it huge then big bucks will probably come your way but that’s not to say you need to become a star to make a living from the ole six-string; there are plenty of session players out there…and that’s not to mention the countless number of ‘weekend rockers’ who supplement their ‘normal’ income with the odd gig or two through the year.  So if you’re in it for the money…get those gigs booked and let the good times roll!
I Wanna Live Forever

…pretty self-explanatory…











The ‘Fame Game’ is another biggie as far as motivation goes. Hands up who’s imagined strutting their stuff, guitar in hand on a massive stage? Everyone has! The glare of the lights, the dry ice, thousands of screaming fans…sorry, got lost in the moment ‘en! But then fame is a very, very fickle thing…one second everything you touch turns to gold, the next you’re stacking shelves in the local supermarket. There are not many that can hold onto the limelight forever (and if 2016 is anything to go by there will soon be a lot less) so make the most of it while it lasts…if it ever comes along at all that is.



Get Your Rocks Off

…ladies form an orderly queue please…














They don’t just call it ‘sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll’ for nothing. Sex goes hand in hand with rock music like peanut butter with jam (feel free to use whatever analogy you choose). In every teenage boy that’s ever strapped on a guitar there’s a little bit of him thinking ‘girls are gonna fall at my feet ‘cos I play’ (it’s not quite that straightforward but you can’t fault the positive thinking).


“Are You Cool? I am Cool!”

…guitar coolness personified? Probably…














Back in the day playing guitar was seen as a bit of a ‘dark art’ and the realm of geeks and nerds. However, these days it seems that the guitar is cooler than ever and just about everyone and their brother plays or at least knows someone who does. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing; the more guitar players the merrier as far as we’re concerned…but hopefully there’s not too many of you out there who are only playing because you think you should or because your friends do. There’s no denying that playing guitar is cool but there are so many guitars left unloved in the corner of a room or on their stand when they should be being played. For many playing the guitar will be a passing phase and that’s fine as long as it’s for the right reason i.e. you genuinely have the desire to play.


It’s All About the Music

‘…my father has it, I have it…and…my sister has it…’














It’s probably one of the oldest cliché’s in the book and often comes under fire from those who would like to see us fail but more often than not the original motivation for picking up the guitar is the music itself. Now this is where things get a bit difficult to explain but if you’re reading this the likelihood is that you already know about the ‘thing’ that music does to us (best description we could come up with). It affects us deep inside and speaks to us…and if it speaks loudly enough it drives us to want to make music of our own because we watch or listen to our favourite band or artist and think ‘I want to do that’. It’s very difficult to put into words so we thought we’d paraphrase a bit of Star Wars (not sure if it really works but any excuse to get a bit of Stars Wars into a blog works for us) and leave it at that…


Just For the Hell of it! 

…well why not?…










Often overlooked by many who are asked why they started playing guitar…surely this is the most honest answer of them all; playing guitar is fun…or at least it should be. Of course there’s a lot of seriousness involved in learning how to play the damn thing and some of us will take it further with mind-boggling theory and technique but at the core of everything is enjoyment at the fact that we can play an instrument. Amen!