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Sef of Your Favourite Enemies Reviews the CS50

Sef is the guitarist from Canadian rock band Your Favorite Enemies ( Sef is an interesting dude, to say the least. He, along with the rest of the band, all live in and rehearse in a church they purchased. It’s a seriously huge church too. Like, “holy crap you bought this?”-huge.

Besides living and rehearsing in their church, the band also records their own tunes and shoots their own music videos in their church. And the stuff they produce in their church is not only hilarious but also extremely high quality. Here’s the video Sef did for the Orange OR50 ( in their church. Did I mention they own a church?

Now Sef has done it again and provided us with an extremely irrelevant, but thorough, review of his new favourite amp: the Orange Custom Shop 50 ( Check out the amp and check out the church in the video above!