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Wish Granted – $10k giveaway

For the fifth year running Orange Amplification is delighted to reveal it is once again granting holiday season wishes to everyone worldwide.

Previous years have seen lucky winners receive more than $10,000 worth of gear including amps, combos, cabs, headphones and more. Orange is continuing the tradition again this year by offering everything from the current Orange Product range, giving you the chance to win a truly exceptional prize.

Contestants can enter this FREE giveaway by sharing their wish with Cliff Cooper, Orange’s Founder and CEO on their Facebook page by liking, commenting or sharing any #wishgranted post – every action increases your chances! Plus, entrants can double their chances by sharing their wish on orangeamps.com. All wishes must be posted between 1st and 24th December (11.59pm GMT) 2017.

Orange will be announcing the winners on their Facebook page on 25th December, 12PM GMT 2017 so be sure to Like and Follow their page to be notified if you win. Winners will discover whether their dream has come true on Christmas Day.

This year, as an extra bonus, Orange’s online Beginner Rock Guitar Course is FREE throughout December. Signing up will give you unlimited free access to learn the guitar at your own pace which includes video, quizzes and online help from qualified teachers. It’s worth signing up now even if you plan learning guitar in the new year to take advantage of the FREE offer!

Orange, ‘Where the Magic Happens®’. Check out the 2017 Orange Christmas Wish video here https://youtu.be/bWYnL2t-j3w.

Good fortune to all who enter.

Enter the competition below and on Facebook to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Love that Orange do something like this every year, great company and great amps and pedals…hoping the 50th birthday next year is a good one with lots of surprises.

  2. Hubert Boguszewicz
    Hubert Boguszewicz says:

    Hi! First of all I would like to wish you to don’t stop doing your amazing job becouse a lot of my favourite artists tones comes from your gear! So keep doing it! Also I like your sense of humor (especially videos with guy’s from Mastodon) ;)
    If I was drawn in this year giveaway I would like to get PPC212 Guitar cabinet :)
    Have a great Christmas time and productive new year!

  3. Tobias T. Knudsen
    Tobias T. Knudsen says:

    This is simply amazing, for the young musician to be able to have a chance of winning their dream gear is great.
    The AD200 bass amp has been my DREAM amplifier for years. Such a fabulous thing of delicious tones.

  4. Christopher Odell Fowler
    Christopher Odell Fowler says:

    Your company never fails to distribute a seemingly never ending supply of joy! Truly inspirational. Cheers Orange!

  5. Gary Shaves
    Gary Shaves says:

    Have not played through a Orange bass amp for 40 years just got back into playing last year and have a desire to own an Orange bass amp again OB1-500 would be my wish.
    It would make my Christmas special indeed .

  6. Sylvain Alain
    Sylvain Alain says:

    Hello Orange , I would love to have my #wishgranted and get a rocker 15 because I’m a father of 2 kids (my boy is 4 years old and little girl is 1 year old). With my current situation I can only be a late late night bedroom rocker and the rocker 15 with the 1w and 0.5w is the perfect amp for me ? . I sold a lot of my amps to save money for my kids.

  7. Ignacio Guzmán
    Ignacio Guzmán says:

    Hello Orange, What’s Up!
    I would like to have for my #WishGranted a PPC412, and a Dual Dark Series that would absolutely make my Xmas.
    I’m fascinated with your products despite I never played anything from you physically (haha) because in my country there isn’t any Orange Store.
    And that sucks…
    Keep up the good work :)

  8. Nick Constantinou
    Nick Constantinou says:

    I wish for any sort of Orange gear – I’m even happy to collect it to save you money on postage, so wish granted on both ends…….


  9. Peter Doyle
    Peter Doyle says:

    This contest is one of the things about Christmas I look forward to all year long. What a great company to run a promo like this. Thanks orange.
    My wish this year is for a OB1-300 combo.

  10. Nathan Straw
    Nathan Straw says:

    I’d like my #WishGranted for a PPC412AD, or anything for that matter. Living in the UK, there are no official Orange dealerships nearby, where I’d love to get hold of something so perfect straight from the source.
    I’ve only recently been able to pick up my long lost hobby once again, due to me leaving work and starting university. Winning this contest would not only make my year, but make my life.
    Thank you for producing the best set of equipment I have ever seen (or heard for that matter)

  11. David Roberts
    David Roberts says:

    Thank you Orange for another year of #wishgranted. I wish for a micro terror and small cab for my daughter. Happy holidays to you and everyone else.

  12. Tyler King
    Tyler King says:

    I’ve long dreamed of a Rockerverb 50 combo, but a FUR COAT for winter would be TERRIFIC as well.

  13. Neil Bell
    Neil Bell says:

    I wish Santa would bring me $10,000 worth of Orange Amplifiers ? gear. That would definitely be the best Christmas ever.

  14. Gary J Foley
    Gary J Foley says:

    I would love to win Dual Dark 100 and the cab to go with it for my son. It would be the best gift ever.

  15. Jose G
    Jose G says:

    Whoa this is awesome! I’ve always wanted a Orcange Crush 120 H! Would love that as a first head! Hope to win!

  16. Kristiana
    Kristiana says:

    My wish for this year is the Rocker 32!! It would be wonderful to have that beast of an amplifier and it will be awesome to use it for gigs!! Thank you Orange Amplifiers for your amazing giveaway!