How To Void Your Warranty: Series 1 Recap + Series 2 Coming Soon!

With season 2 of Orange’s original series “How to Void Your Warranty” almost upon us, let’s take a moment to reflect on the shenanigans of season 1 (“Hey, Farva!”).

Season 1 revolves around “Rob” (from our service department) demonstrating unique, and sometimes not-so-obvious, ways to destroy your Orange product, thereby voiding your warranty. I personally loved episode 2 when Rob plugged our O-Edition headphones into the speaker out of a 500 watt Terror Bass. All of the terribly tragic ideas for ruining our precious Orange gear were user-submitted and sourced from our YouTube comments.

In season 2 we’ve partnered with a variety of YouTube stars to find even more obscure ways in which your Orange products might meet their demise. Here’s a hint: don’t take your micro amp to lunch.

Here’s the full first season. Catch up now before we release season 2 later this month! – Alex (Global Artist Relations)