Orange Amplification Launches New Web-Series: ‘How To Void Your Warranty’

Ask A Question To Be In With A Chance Of Winning A Bax Bangeetar Pedal

Orange Amplification has launched a new web series based on questions received on their YouTube channel entitled ‘How To Void Your Warranty!’

The series feature Orange’s in-house technician Rob Moss with cameos from Orange Staff including Technical Director, Adrian Emsley, trying out unusual uses of Orange gear derived from the questions posed by users on their YouTube channel. As Rob says: “We are doing this so you DON’T have to!” The videos are a response to the many questions that Orange often receive from customers and fans – notably ones that would void your warranty if you were to try them.

So far, the series has resulted in destroyed laptops, audio interfaces and headphones – with Orange predicting more carnage on the way as they demonstrate why you shouldn’t try answering these questions at home. The latest episode examines the question ‘can I plug my amp into my car AUX input for jamming on the go?’ To find out, Rob takes an Orange Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ pedal and connects it to the AUX of a car stereo through the pedal’s CabSim out and powers it up. To discover what happens when he takes it out on the road watch the video here.

Viewers of the series can subscribe to the channel and pose their own questions in the videos comments area to be in with a chance of winning a Bax Bangeetar as well as getting their query answered.

Other questions posed and answered by Rob and the Orange Technical team include ‘what happens if I plug my amplifier speaker output directly into my interface?’ and ‘can I plug headphones into the speaker output of my amp?’

Orange will be releasing a new video in this series every Friday. What question would you like answered? Let the Orange Technicians try it out before you void your warranty. To find out more about Orange its products and their warranties please go to https://orangeamps.com

  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    I am often trying to figure out how to stack up a few extra speaker cabinets any time there’s spare room on a stage. What would really happen if one were to daisy-chain some version of too many speaker cabinets and reduce the impedance below the recommended value.