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How would you use the Pedal Baby 100?

So the dust has settled from last weeks announcements from Orange and we hope you were equally surprised and excited by what we have been busy working on for the past two years. A lot of time and effort goes into researching and developing products we believe you as our fans are going to love. One of these products is the Pedal Baby 100 and i’m sure there are plenty of questions about this compact amplifier. It’s a slight departure we feel from what Orange is primarily known for, so we thought it would help to show how the Pedal Baby can be used.

Why was the Pedal Baby created?

The Pedal Baby was designed to give guitar players the feel of an analogue amplifier incorporated into their small, touring rig. Orange is one of the most recognisable amplifier companies in the guitar amp market and we have spent most of our 50+ years building high watt, heavy amplifiers.  We understand though that some guitar players just want to arrive with a pedal board to the gig, or use their favourite profiles on their digital modeller. So the Pedal Baby was created to allow players to bring a compact, lightweight source of neutral, clean power. Meaning whatever you use it with, you can rely on it to bring your rig to life.

So hopefully that has give you a window into why we designed the Pedal Baby but now it’s probably best to give you some more information on the Pedal Baby, so here is a quick run down of the features.

What is the Pedal Baby 100?

The Pedal Baby is a 100 watt Class A/B neutral power amplifier, it is built for the road, fly dates and anything the modern musician can throw at it. Its lightweight, small and able to push out up to 100 Watts into 8 Ohms! The front panel has EQ controls, so you can fine tune your treble and bass setting quickly and easily.

So now you have a quick overview, here are a few ways you can use this new piece of kit:

If you are the type of player who spends days building the “perfect” pedal board and can’t wait to take your “work of art” out into the gigging scene, then the Pedal Baby could be perfect for you. You’ve got your perfect pedal setup but your stage sound is still missing something? Well the Pedal Baby can give a transparent power source and lift all your pedals sound, you don’t have to rely on the venues amplifier, which lets face it, is always in need of TLC.

We know there are plenty of players who don’t want to play big heavy valve amps and want all their effects and amps in a rack mountable solution. The Pedal Baby can be used with your Kemper, Positive Grid Bias Rack, Fractal or any other modellers to power your rigs.  All your patches and profiles you have spent weeks preparing and fine tuning will sound the best they possibly can with the Pedal Baby powering them.

Picture the scene, you grab your profiler rig and rush to the venue only to find the cabinet you were not expecting. Its got too much bottom end and makes your profiler sound rubbish. This wouldn’t happen with Pedal Baby, too much bottom end no issue! Use the front panel EQ to dial the bass frequencies back and when it sounds good, you are set. The Pedal Baby’s EQ settings are dialed in for guitars, so are the perfect controls to use with your guitar effects.

Any more questions?

So there is a quick overview of the Pedal Baby 100 and some of its applications. We shall leave you with the product video which sees John “Denzil” Dines going through the features and we hope you get to check out our new amplifier.

  1. Bastien Lamarque
    Bastien Lamarque says:

    Is it possible to put the pedal baby in a rack 19 ?
    Does an accessorie exist to put in ?

    Thanks a lot


    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      A rack mounting kit should be released in the coming months, keep checking back on to check for more information. Thanks Orange HQ

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      A rack mounting kit should be released in the coming months, keep checking back on to check for more information. Thanks Orange HQ

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Steve, you shouldn’t need a fan, as long as you keep the vents at the back clear so the air can move through it should be fine. Thanks Orange HQ.

  2. Jon Unruh
    Jon Unruh says:

    Can I run it like a separate amp with an ABY pedal and use it for my pedals, will it keep out with my Dual Dark 100 or my TH 100 on one side?

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    I’m running a Kemper into the Pedal Baby and then into a 2×12 cab. I know there’s no right or wrong answer, but is there a suggested output level from the Kemper to go into the Pedal Baby? Should I crank the Kemper’s output? Back it way down? Somehwere in between?


    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Ken

      Our advice would be the Pedal Baby should have quite a high threshold for the input into the front but if the Kemper is creating clipping through the Pedal Baby, turn the Kemper’s output down and then turn the volume on the Pedal Baby.


      Orange HQ

  4. Breno
    Breno says:

    Hi Daniel, how are u doing?
    Does this power amp accept a level signal? I mean, does this amp have a level signal input? My thought is to connect the output of my audio interface – running GR5 without the cab simulation – to the input of a clean and flat eq power amp, to an external cab. Tks a lot.

  5. Steven
    Steven says:

    Hi, would this be suitable to run bass through? Not a ton of info floating around in regards to using modelers like Helix with bass.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Stevan
      The Pedal Baby’s EQ is designed for guitar but it has been used by bass players who have bought the Pedal Baby for this exact purpose, best thing we recommend is to try it at your local Orange dealer and see if it works with your Helix the way you hope.
      Thanks Orange HQ

  6. Yoyo
    Yoyo says:


    I am really interested in your new product Pedal Baby 100 amp. But I have already tried a similar product in competition presented as a compact pedal amplifier and multi effects and I was very disappointed in the test because it was not really equipped with a preamp and my guitar pedalboard sounded very muffled despite the presence of an active 3-band EQ on it.
    So before considering the purchase of your new product I would like to know exactly if it can take a guitar pedalboard without preamp and so if this amp has a preamp stage inside or if you recommend to place a preamp in the pedalboard before plugging into the Pedal Baby 100 to avoid having a muffled sound.

    I thank you in advance for these technical details that are necessary to convince me to make the right purchase.

    Best regards.


    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi The Pedal Baby 100 is designed to be used with a wide variety of Pedal Boards, pre-amps, modellers and many other portable rig solutions. We have also had artists and customers using the power amp as a clean amp but the best thing we would recommend doing is to find your local dealer and try the Pedal Baby out with your guitar pedal board. This should give you the best chance of finding out if it is the right fit for your pedal board. Thanks Orange HQ

      • Yoyo
        Yoyo says:

        Thanks for answering, I will try it with and without preamp section and then I will see. Thank you very much and congrats for your good quality products. Best regards.

  7. Scott
    Scott says:

    Hi. I have a 1961 Epiphone Pacemaker that I want to run into a power amp/ Slave unit, to boost the output. Would the Pedal Baby work well in this context? Would the line out signal be too much for the pedal baby or is it designed to be used like a slave unit?

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Hi Scott

      The Pedal Baby only accepts an instrument/line-level signal, so to use with the Pacemaker would not be recommended. The Pacemaker is an amplifier and the Pedal Baby is designed to be used with pre-amplifiers/modellers etc, as it is a 100 Watt power amplifier.



      • Ian Smit
        Ian Smit says:

        Hey Daniel, Just want to clarify the comment by Scott. I currently have two line outs with volume controls on my guitar amp which I run into a rack of effects into a Hafler power amp in stereo into two cabinets. It’s a wet/dry set up. I’m looking to do a much smaller rig but have the same flexibility. It seems the Pedal Baby should work in this context replacing the Hafler, albeit in mono which is fine. The chain: Guitar into guitar amp, use line out (slave out with volume control), to Eventide pedals, to Pedal Baby, into one extension 12″ speaker cabinet. It seems this should work, yes? Thanks, Ian

  8. Andrew Bulock
    Andrew Bulock says:

    I’m using it with a Kemper (toaster) and a Jim Root 2×12.
    It fits into the front pocket of the Kemper bag, so I can carry the whole rig on my shoulder and fly with it if I want to. It’s felt like an amp to me and I’ve been happy with the results. In loud band rehearsals, it keeps up with a Triple Rectifier.

  9. Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso
    Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I’m really confused regarding some stuff, would be great if you could clear it to me.

    The pedal baby is perfect to run with cabs, ok.
    In the gigs I play, the provided amp is usually a guitar amp with a preamp in it.
    People say I should use the multi-effects with my chosen preamps in the FX return/Aux in/CD in.
    Thing is, the volume gets to low compared to the normal input. At the same time if I connect it in the normal input I couldn’t use my preamps because it would be an preamp over an preamp.

    Does the Pedal Baby increases the volume if I plug it into the FX return?

    What’s the best thing I could do in order to get the best of the speakers and use properly my preamp settings of the multi-effects in a gig situation like that?

    Does the Pedal Baby helps it somehow?


    • Daniel
      Daniel says:


      If you are looking to use a multi effects unit then the Pedal Baby can be used to amplify this into your cabinet or cabinets. When you mention plugging into the FX return the Pedal Baby does not have an FX return, it is used to provide power to your effects or processors.



  10. Peter
    Peter says:

    The Pedal Baby seems like a very interesting option. I even saw a reviewer play bass through one, but it’s hard to get a sence of how well it went, on youtube.
    I suppose the pedal baby might just have been intended for guitar, but potentially work equally great for bass, with the right pedal/preamp in front of it. – What’s your thoughts on that?
    I realize a bass/guitar power amp may be a slim market prospect, but it could be an interesting selling point, to have both options.
    Very tempted as things are :)

  11. Anthony Rolli
    Anthony Rolli says:

    Hello! So I’m really interested in one of these. I currently use my pedals for my tones, my pedal board goes tuner-> ts9->revv g3->noise gate-> canyon delay-> polars reverb-> amp. But as far as cleans go, Would the ts9 give this a good crunchy/hairy clean tone? I’m not sure because there’s no 3 band eq on it. Thank you!

    • Danny Gomez
      Danny Gomez says:

      Hello Anthony !! Glad you like it !! Great board. Sure thing, no worries, the ts9 has an overall tone knob and PedalBaby has treble and bass, so you´ll be well covered in term of EQ.

  12. Joey Frost
    Joey Frost says:

    I’m using a 26db TC Spark booster, as well as my other petals with my PB100. Some gigs a 1×12 and others a 4×12 and it performs brilliantly. I plan on using my PB for years to come!

  13. Martin B.
    Martin B. says:

    Hi, I’m very interested to buy the Baby 100 since I’m using Helix stomp and use amp modelers. I also want to explore cab sim and IR’s but don’t like FRFR plastic PA speakers and not impressed With FRFR powercab so far, what FRFR passive cab 2×12 do you recommend to use with the Baby 100?

  14. Ryan Fabian
    Ryan Fabian says:

    Hi is it safe to run the FX send from my Rockerverb into the Pedal Baby? I would first send the FX send of the rockerverb to my stereo FX and then split out the left side to the FX Return of the Rockerverb and the Right side to the pedal baby giving a stereo setup.

    • Neil Mitchell
      Neil Mitchell says:

      Hi,Ryan. That is not only completely safe but exactly what the Pedal Baby was designed for. This should be an awesome rig!!

    • Neil Mitchell
      Neil Mitchell says:

      Hey Lare, Yes it’s all metal. You should be fine to run synths through it as it’s just a power amp.

  15. Rudy Eugene
    Rudy Eugene says:

    Could I use this to boost the smaller amps like my Peavey Pirahna or my Micro Terror?

  16. Matt
    Matt says:

    Hello, would the pedal baby work togheter with the New terror stamp? How would the connections go?

  17. Vince
    Vince says:

    Hi! I’m running the Pedal Baby with a Kemper and it’s fantastic! I am now looking into getting my Kemper rack (3U), Power conditioner (1U) and the Pedal baby with rack ears (2U) into a 6U shallow rack case. The orange rack ears are described to provide some space on the bottom of the Pedal baby for proper ventilation, and the back of the rack will be open while in use. Will that be enough or am I facing some overheating problems?
    Right now the pedal baby sits on the side of my Kemper while practicing and I notice it gets quite warm when played at higher volume with a drummer…

  18. guillaume leveille
    guillaume leveille says:

    Can I run the pedal baby with 2 x 8 ohm cabs ? They are both mesa boogie 2×12, 8ohm, 120 watts. They also have a parallel output if needed. I don’t understand how impedance works.

    • Robert Pasque
      Robert Pasque says:

      You can run two 16ohm cabs or one 8ohm cab. If you run one 8ohm cab, you plug into the top speaker jack, NOT the bottom. If you have two 8ohm cabs, you’ll need two Pedal Babies.

    • Robert Pasque
      Robert Pasque says:

      You can run two 16ohm cabs or one 8ohm cab. If you run one 8ohm cab, you plug into the top speaker jack, NOT the bottom. If you have two 8ohm cabs, you’ll need two Pedal Babies.

  19. jg
    jg says:

    When not playing out, is it possible to also use this in a small practice room / bedroom level volume scenario as well? Also, any recommendation for a cab that suits this ask? Thank you.

  20. Sean Akers
    Sean Akers says:

    How useable is the Pedal Baby at bedroom/living room volumes ? Would it be possible to use it at, say TV volume ? Everyone says it is really loud but I’d love to know how quiet it can be.

  21. Rafael Balestro
    Rafael Balestro says:

    Could someone help me out please?

    I am running a kemper stage through Pedal Baby connected to a mesa boogie rectfier 2×12 8 ohm cab and the clean sound (JC120, fender twin sims…) is not sactisfatory. It sounds a little fuzzy-dirty, at least way dirtier than when I use only the power amp of my MB dual rec RKII head.
    It doesn’t seems to be any malfunction on the pedal baby, does any one have any eq tip to try to solve this or it really sucks for clean sounds?

    Thanks in advance!