A Choice Not A Compromise: The Case for the Rocker 15


Besides the cost difference, why would I buy a Rocker 15 Combo instead of a Rocker 32? Here are my top three reasons:

  • It’s more portable
  • You don’t need stereo
  • You’re focused on recording and practice

The Rocker 15 Combo is only 18” tall and weighs less than 30 pounds. Compare that to a Rocker 32 and it’s a full 40% smaller. But compare both of them to, say, a Rockerverb 50 212 Combo and you’re literally cutting your weight in half. Enormous amps are going the way of the buffalo. That’s why Orange decided to make the Rocker series with 10” speakers. If you’re looking for a small, yet super powerful, combo then the Rocker 15 is the way to go.

Since the Rocker 15 Combo has a single 10” speaker you can go ahead and assume it’s not a stereo rig like its 32 watt brother (if you can’t make that assumption then you need to read this). Is it super ultra badass that the Rocker 32 is stereo? Yes. Can you do really awesome things with your FX pedals using stereo? Yes. Is it absolutely necessary and will your friends make fun of you for NOT having a stereo rig? No (unless your friends are dicks).

What the Rocker 15 lacks in stereo, it makes up for with other cool options like dedicated wet/dry and 4 wattage settings (15, 7, 1, and .5…seriously, a ½ watt). This makes it a choice rig for recording and practice. That’s not to say that the Rocker 15 isn’t stage-ready though. It might not have the extra power of the Rocker 32, but it’s still fully capable of jumping out of the mix in a 3-4 piece band.

I haven’t found a guitarist yet who didn’t marvel at the versatility of the Rocker 15. Even the ones Orange DOESN’T bribe to say cool things about their products love it. Here’s an example:


  1. Elliot
    Elliot says:

    Just purchased a Rocker 15. Everything that’s been said and more is true of this tiny beauty. It’s got the 4 power settings, and I haven’t needed to leave the 0.5w setting yet. There’s a club in New Orleans that I can’t wait to play, to open this baby up. The “clean” channel is the most beautiful natural sound I could possibly imagine to hear. The “dirty” channel is, well, it’s the channel I play the most. You can get tones from clean to crunch and everything in-between. I have a Fender Twin Reverb I’ll not be playing much anymore….sorry, it just can’t match the versatility of the 15. Anybody that’s looking for, what I consider, the best small, versatile, all tube combo on the market, best not pass up this beautiful offering. nuff said!

    • Jeff Hachtel
      Jeff Hachtel says:

      Totally agree. I gave up trying to force my ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb to be something it’s not. It’s a fantastic amp, but the Rocker 15 is nailing everything for me that the Fender couldn’t without chasing pedals. I was a bit worried about not having tone controls on the clean channel, but it sounds so good I am not missing them. I’m so happy I made the change. Footswitch, Talisman, done.

  2. Jim Jacobson
    Jim Jacobson says:

    I have the 15 and just bought the 32. In black. Wanted Orange but it looks pretty nice in basic black. It has more bottom end and if you folks who have the 15 can believe it….it’s louder! I mean the 15 is loud! I haven’t messed with the stereo yet. Still in tbe foreplay stage. Waiting for the Rocker 60!

  3. Fad
    Fad says:

    Is the Rocker 15 and 32 speakers on soldered connections or non soldered connections? Asking just in case i buy one of these amps and wanting to change speakers

  4. Jan
    Jan says:

    Just bought a Rockr 15. It would be great if it had reverb and better access to the FX loop and switches at the back. Otherwise, great tube practice amp.