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Interview – Jose Rios of Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals and Orange Amps.

Jose: What’s up everybody, my name is Jose Rios of the Free Nationals, Anderson Paak we out here, 24 Carat Gold tour with Bruno Mars and I’m here with Orange Amps.

My first memory of Orange Amps, I was digging through Youtube and I was watching a Stevie Wonder clip and I noticed him using one of your guys cabinets. I was like wait this guy is a keyboard player, found out it was guitar amp, did my research and looked at the Rockerverb 50 and that was the one I wanted.

My current rig is a 410 celestion cab with a Rockerverb 50 MKIII head. I usually keep the bass around 7 o’clock, treble around 5 and there is no mid on that one. Volume is usually around 4, I do clean, I always drive the clean channel. All my effects is on the pedalboard I use.

The Rockerverb helps a lot because its got a lot of power, I’m playing really big arenas and festivals, so I need the push, I need to get on top of everything. It helps me because we have our rock moments in the set and a lot of metal guys and it has a nice creamy tone when I dial it in right. It helps a lot man, I love it.

Its cool to be a part of the roster, Stevie was the seller for me. I’m into Soul music, Hip Hop, Funk, so that was the seller for me. I know there is a lot of Metal guys who use it, which is pretty cool, I love the aggression of the Metal people, the energy. Its cool to be a part of the roster.