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5 Things Great Amps Have In Common

By and large, to the untrained eye, guitar amplifiers might look one and the same. Typically rectangular, often black or muted colours, adorned with turny knobs and usually located behind the guitarist charged with using them. Of course, as guitarists, we know the truth to be a lot more nuanced than that. While the shape […]


The Case For The Rocker 32 Combo

I recently wrote an article entitled “A Choice, Not a Compromise: The Case for the Rocker 15.” In that article I cited the reasons why someone might prefer the Rocker 15 Combo over the larger Rocker 32 Combo. It’s more portable, it’s being used mainly for practice or recording, and it doesn’t have a stereo […]


Dual Dark: A Very Unique Orange Amp

The Dual Dark, as Lead Designer Ade Emsley describes it, is an Orange amp “for guitarists who don’t usually play Orange amps.” The Dual Dark is a completely different beast, both in terms of gain and voicing, from every other amp Orange has ever produced. It’s tighter on the bottom-end and has an almost percussive […]