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The Orange Voice Box developed by Orange in the mid 70’s and from memory the first batch of prototypes were branded Orange. However, at that time we had released the JImmy Bean amps with the 70’s denim and leather appearance, so we decided to market the Voice Box under the brand name of Jimmy Bean. The Voice Box emerged on recordings of Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh etc. and of course on the back of Peter Frampton’s hugely successful ‘Show Me The Way’.

In fact, John Miles went to No2. in the US Billboard Charts with ‘Slow Down’ which was recorded using the Voice Box. It connects between amp and speaker with a simple footswitch which diverts the sound from the speaker to the transducer inside the Voice Box. A plastic tube connects between the Voice Box and into the performer’s mouth which is then amplified through the microphone and PA System. Various sounds could then be created by shaping your mouth. The driver in the Jimmy Bean was the Celestion HF1000 Horn unit. They were hugely successful.