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This was my favorite interview in the entire series. I told Fluff ahead of time that I was going to be a total dick to him. He loved the idea and played along well. However, while we were filming it dawned on me that without some sort of resolution I’d end up just coming across as an inconsiderate ass, so I suggested that at some point I’d realize he was actually an important YouTube influencer and try to backtrack.

I still can’t figure out why we shake hands so hard that we explode. You’d have to ask the editor about that one. – Alex

The entire time we were filming this interview Les Claypool was standing behind the cameraman trying to screw us up. Members of Mastodon kept coming into the room as well. There’s not much else to say about it. If Les Claypool wants to sabotage your interview, you let Les Claypool sabotage your interview. – Alex

I’m tired of normal interviews about guitars and amps. That’s why I created the “Going Nowhere” series. I wanted something that would extend beyond just us tech nerds, something that would appeal to the fans who couldn’t care less what amps the bands are playing.

My interview with Red Fang was the first one we filmed. I think Bryan reacted the most appropriately out of all the artists. He immediately recognized how ridiculous it was going to be and he added a lot of his own ideas into the mix. Also, we’d had a lot of beer prior to filming. It probably shows. – Alex