Orange Footswitches

Both the single-button and dual-button footswitch are housed in a sturdy metal casing with an orange LED indicator. The 1/4″ jack on the back allows you to connect any length of the cable* from the footswitch to your amp.

*Cable is not included.


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Orange Quality, Universal Simplicity

Our heavy duty footswitches are perfect for all of your Orange switching needs! The standard latching design and TS (mono) jack connection also make these suitable for many other pieces of equipment (always check manufacturer’s specifications).

Compatible with all Footswitchable Functions

  • Channel Switching: All Orange twin channel valve amplifiers, Crush 20, Crush 20RT, Crush 35RT & Crush Pro amps.
  • Reverb Engage/Defeat: Rockerverb, Thunderverb and Crush Pro amps.
  • Attenuator Engage/Defeat: Rockerverb and Dual Dark series.
  • Master Volume Lift: OR50
  • EQ Lift: Custom Shop 50 –  Note: the LED will not illuminate as the Custom Shop uses passive switching circuitry
  • Global Boost/Gain Boost: OR100
  • Blend Engage/defeat: OB1 Series
  • Compression engage/defeat: 4 Stroke series
  • And much more!

The FS1 mini comes with a Sticker Sheet

and has a a smooth action footswitch


FS1 Mini


FS1 Mini – Unboxed Dimensions ( W X H X D )8.7 X 3 X 3.7CM (34.25″ X 11.81″ X 14.55″)
FS1 Mini – Weight210g / 0.46lbs
FS1 – Unboxed Dimensions ( W X H X D )13 X 11.4 X 5.2CM (5.12″ X 4.49″ X 2.05″)
FS1 – Weight552g / 1.22lbs
FS2 – Unboxed Dimensions ( W X H X D )13 X 14.1 X 5.2CM (5.12″ X 5.55″ X 2.05″)
FS2 – Weight704g / 1.55lbs

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2 reviews for Footswitches

  1. Bruce

    These footswitches are Built like tanks! very heavy gauge steel used and the finish is powder coated with a high gloss and has nearly bullet proof hardness. even the circuit board mounted electronics inside are very well done and rugged.. this footswitch CAN take a real beating.
    I’ve now converted several of these in to effect pedals and I can say all of this with extreme confidence, because drilling holes into these monsters is not an easy task! they make AWESOME pedal projects boxes.

  2. emilio alberto quel

    Es un auténtico tanque,se nota en el peso.

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