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The black Hoodie features the Orange logo on the breast and the Orange Crest on the back. The high cotton content means it’s warm, comfortable and machine washable: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.

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Style:Zip up Hoodie
Material:80% cotton & 20% polyester
Other:Machine washable (don’t iron decoration)

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7 reviews for Hoodie

  1. Jermey porter

    Looks amazing


    Sorry for my bad English I’m using Google translate!!!
    I just loved orange family I hop to win one day any gear or something anything else I’m 27 years i live in Morocco i have a dream to play with my bass guitar and wearing the black hoodie I hop it


    I love it ❤

  4. Jeremy Bower

    I have the black one and the grey one.Both are my favorite out of any sweatshirts.Also I have the black t shirt with the same Orange rest logo on the back,and the black t shirt that has the Orange color,Orange logo on the front.and two Orange amps.I love Orange???

  5. Daniele Marinucci (verified owner)

    Very good quality, and looks great too!

  6. Roberta Nuttall


  7. Roberta Nuttall

    Love the style and fabric

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