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Want some Orange heritage in your caffeinated beverage? Add some decibels to your drinks receptacle with the Orange Coffee Mug! Designed to hold hot liquids, our mug features an innovative handle that is specifically designed to allow you to hold the cup without burning your hands. We’ve even added our logo to the side so everyone knows who the rocker in the room is. Not a fan of hot drinks? Our coffee mug is perfect for your cold drinks too and is of course dishwasher safe.


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Authentic Design

Straight from the artwork folder of our in-house design department, we used the iconic graphics found across our amplifier range and in historic catalogues dating back to the 1970s.

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3 reviews for Coffee Mug

  1. Timo Korhonen

    I drinked coffee from this mug and it didn´t burn my hand! I was so excited when i tried to mumble with a burnt tongue to my band mates, but they didn´t understand a word i was saying.
    What a great product!

  2. S Alspaugh

    what rating?

  3. Hugh Jarse

    Mug purports to be orange – primary colour is clearly black.


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