Good Things Come In Small Packages

As the name suggests, the Little Bass Thing is a no-nonsense, featherweight bass amplifier, aimed squarely at the modern player. 500W of Class D muscle coupled with a hugely powerful solid-state preamp, all in a diminutive 3Kg package, mean this tiny toolbox delivers maximum tone with minimum fuss.

Simple But Effective EQ

A parametric mid control and carefully chosen bass and treble frequencies, all with 15 dB of cut/boost, ensure that you can dial in the ultimate bass sound not only accurately, but quickly too! Whether you’re adding the finishing touches to the perfect tone, taming a troublesome room acoustic or crafting something really over-the-top, the Little Bass Thing does it with engineer precision and the musical simplicity you expect from an Orange bass amp.

Class A Optical Compression

The footswitchable compressor control on the Little Bass Thing’s front panel gives players instant access to Orange’s painstakingly developed Class A Optical Compression circuit. With its unique sidechain and a response optimised for bass guitar, this single dial provides excellent dynamic control and a warm, classic feel, at subtle or extreme settings (footswitch sold separately).

Helpful Little Extras

In addition to great tone and light weight, the Little Bass Thing features a buffered FX Loop and a studio-quality balanced D.I. output with a Ground Lift switch for eliminating any ground loop issues. There’s also a -6dB input pad switch for active basses and hot pickups. With all its dynamic and tone-shaping capabilities, the Little Bass Thing also makes a great recording preamp when used without a speaker connected.

Are you looking for a small, simple rig to amplify your bass in a BIG way? We’ve got just the thing. The Little Bass Thing.

This is a different version of the Terror Bass – it has the class D 500W output stage, BUT it has a solid-state front-end with a sweep-able parametric mid.

Features:Single Channel – Class D power amp, footswitchable optical compressor (footswitch sold separately), variable input sensitivity for active or passive basses, 3-band EQ with parametric Mid, balanced DI out, FX loop
Controls (right to left):Pad Switch, Bass, Middle, Frequency, Treble, Volume
Output Power:500 Watts RMS | Minimum Total Impedance: 4 Ohms
Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D):27.6cm x 8.5cm x 25.1cm (10.9″ x 3.35” x 9.9″)
Unboxed Weight:2.95kg (6.5lb)

This is especially good for styles that need a clean but punchy bass sound

By using compression, this amp successfully tricks you into thinking you’re using a tube amp.