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“I always used to think that being in a ‘heavier’ band meant using niche gear specifically designed for heavy music – until I discovered the versatility and power of the Orange Rockerverb 100 head. After hearing what Jim Root & Wes Borland were doing with these amps, I had to try ’em out. I was sold immediately. It has just the right amount of features, no ‘fluff’. The heads do everything you want, and go to places tonally that other amps can’t. Plus it’s no secret that Orange cabs smoke everything else on the market. I finally feel like I’m playing through gear that makes ‘my sound’ happen.    Orange gear stands out both off and on stage, shreds through the mix and sets you apart from the herd. My amps sound & look sexy, plus they are completely bombproof. All that and they’re made right here in England, what more could you ask for?

And these wicked Crush amps are super versatile, nailing anything & everything from glassy clean, crunchy blues to all-out shred. Truly amazing, flexible tone & the same badass build quality you can expect from Orange. The Crush amps are all killer and no filler!”


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