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For all waist sizes up to 50″, this limited-edition belt was hand-carved deep in the jungles of Borneo by tribesmen of Orang-ampan (Old Man of the Tone)*  This cowhide 100% genuine leather belt is ruggedly constructed, just like our amps.**

The 4.5cm (1.77″) wide tan leather is embossed with the iconic Orange hieroglyphs and “Pics Only” logo along its length (adjustable for all sizes with an unscrew and cut to size feature ) 127cm (max 50″) length. The metal (brass coloured) buckle also features this now legendary logo in sharp relief.

Hold up your trousers whilst showing your support for your favourite legendary British Amp Company and declare to the world, “I LOVE ORANGE AND MY TROUSERS ARE SECURE!”

*This is not true, ** This is!


9 reviews for Embossed Brown Leather Belt

  1. Charlie

    I wear my belt all the time. Well made and looks ace.

  2. Anna


  3. Paulo Pinheiro

    Love it!

  4. The Evil


  5. Henrik Ehrbahn

    The coolest belt.

  6. Chajalele

    Best leather belt. I wear it all the time – thanks orange.

  7. Carlos Laboy

    I have a similar belt,similar style but it’s not an orange belt;but it is my favorite belt.Now having just bought an Orange DT30 amp head and ppc112 speaker cab’, I’d like to express my appreciation for the brand and the belt is way cooler than a hat or T shirt.

  8. emilio alberto quel arquillos

    Magnífico,muy buena imagen con todas las posibilidades…

  9. Darren Mc

    Orange Shot glass, belt,head,T-shirt and Bass combo. I am complete. 👍🏻

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