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The Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus

Become a rock god and be the voice of the world™! An exciting new way to learn Rock Guitar, the Orange Rock Guitar syllabus will develop you into a well-rounded Rock Guitarist giving you plenty of space to develop your own style. The syllabus is crammed full of compound exercises, meaning that you will learn more than one technique when practising each individual exercise or progression. The syllabus is divided into just three sections – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Rather than having to learn 8 traditional grades, you will only need to study the three individual sections that we have set out , providing you with a faster and more thorough method of learning to play Rock Guitar. By the time you have completed the Advanced section, your playing skills will be the equivalent of Grade 8 standard.

There are various sub-styles within the Rock music genre, so we have carefully chosen a variety of speeds, exercises and pieces to give you plenty of room to develop your own style. The discipline required and core techniques to becoming a professional Rock guitarist are the same, whether you want to play like Brian May, Jimmy Page or John Petrucci!

Once you have mastered the exercises in this syllabus, try challenging yourself by experimenting with faster speeds.

We have provided you with recommended daily practice routines. If you are serious about becoming a great Rock Guitarist, it is vital to practice daily. Remember, the learning process never ends and practice makes perfect! Be the voice of the world™!