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What Charity should we know about?

We want to know what Charities are most important to our fans so we can consider supporting them.

Register a Charity

Thank you so much for reaching out to Orange Amplification. This form is where you can put information about a charity you would like us to consider supporting.

  • Please let us know the name of the charity you would like us to support
  • Please give the URL to the Charity's website address
  • Please tell us the primary country in which the charity operates.
  • The name of whom we should contact to arrange charitable donations.
  • The email address we should use to contact the charity
  • Please briefly explain what the charity is about and how it helps people.
  • Please let us know the percentage of money that the charity spends directly on helping people or supporting it's cause. (This should not include staff, marketing or admin costs)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.