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Orange Crush Cables are manufactured using the finest components available, including the highest grade oxygen-free copper for optimum signal clarity and articulation. 1/4″ jacks are nickel-plated for extra corrosion resistance while allowing for great conductivity while the various layers of shielding reduce handling noise and electromagnetic interference to a minimum. The outer sleeve is heat shrunk at either end, protecting the inner cable against damage on stage and reducing stress and strain on the terminals.

Orange Instrument Cables
Features:Pure Copper Conductor, Hand Soldered nickel plated 1/4″ jacks, PVC AND PE INSULATION FOR SUPER LOW NOISE AND INTERFERENCE REJECTION
Lengths Available: 20ft (6m), 10ft (3m)
Options:Straight/angled jacks, orange colour only
Overall Diameter:6.5mm
Wire Gauge:AWG24
Orange Speaker Cables (includes Terror Stamp cable)
Features:Pure copper conductor, high quality speakon connector or HAND SOLDERED NICKEL PLATED 1/4″ JACKS
Lengths Available: 3ft (1m), 20ft (6m)
Options:Twist Connector to Twist Connector , Jack to Jack, Orange Colour only
Overall Diameter:6.5mm
Wire Gauge:AWG16
Orange Patch Cables
Features:Pure Copper Conductor, Hand Soldered Nickel Plated 1/4″ Jacks, PVC and PE Insulation for Super Low Noise and Interference Rejection
Lengths Available: 6in / 15cm
Options:1/4″ Angled only. Orange colour only, 3 Cables per pack.
Overall Diameter:6mm
Wire Gauge:AWG24