“Orange products provide the fundamentals and tools for today’s live/studio musician. I have been an Orange product follower since the first time I had heard them live with artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Jim Root (Slipknot), etc. and have been impressed ever since. I agreed to an endorsement from Orange Amps because they provide the top quality equipped features that have helped me find the tone I’ve been looking for. I am currently running the high gain Dual Dark 100 to a PPC412HP8 cab and I love the high quality from channel A and B. This delivers great diversity in playing from high gain mode to rich cleans. The PPC412HP doesn’t disappoint on delivering great bottom end, detail, and clarity with its Celestion G12K-100 speakers provided. As an extended range player , I chose the alliance of the Dual Dark 100 and PPC412HP8 cab because it is perfect for metal genres and other extended range players.”



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