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“I play a Dual Terror through PPC212 cab. I usually use a Fender Telecaster by choice so the warmth that you get from Orange throughout the range is very welcome. On this particular head & cab I love the crunch tone that you get when driving the amp, you get great natural break-up really easily. Cleans up good too in case you have the desire to go Nile Rodgers. The added versatility of having two channels is wicked, one set to cleanish tone with a touch of crunch and boosted high end whilst the fat channel is dialled to serious rock crunch and boosted low end. It sounds massive and you can tweek the two channels to be considerably different. Very responsive tone controls! It’s a big sound in a manageable size! Plus the added benefit of changing wattage, excellent when playing various venue sizes and gives it even more versatility. Over all it’s warm, responsive, versatile and easy to use. This goes for the whole range of Orange heads I’ve played. Which include AD30 & 50, RV30 & 50 and TH30 & 50. But simply for its size I still favour the Dual Terror!”                      Elizabeth Caney



Twitter: @charli_xcx