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Gig Bag

Different to a cover, our gig bags provide a snug fit and excellent protection for those on the move. These bags are tough and hard-wearing, just like the amps. Features vary but they are all built exclusively for protecting your Orange gear and accessories.

Crush Acoustic 30 Gig Bag

Custom made exclusively for the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 this hard wearing back is the perfect partner for your mobile acoustic amplifier.

  • Multiple Zips allow you to use the amplifier while it’s still in the bag
  • Extra pouches for batteries, cables and anything else
  • Gap to allow you to hold the case via the amp handle

Nylon Padded Gig Bag

The Nylon Padded Gig Bag comes in two sizes. One Size is for the Rocker 15 Terror and the Brant Hinds Terror. The second size is for the Dual Terror exclusively.

  • Front pouch for power and audio cables
  • Shoulder strap
  • Custom shaped so you can hold the bag using the handle of your Terror amplifier

Small Gig Bag

The Small Gig Bag is designed to the Pedal Baby 100 or the Little Bass Thing.

  • Separated space inside the bag for additional cables and pedals
  • Slim front zip compartment for music/anything else

Leather Gig Bag

The Leather Gig Bag is designed to fit the Tiny Terror, Jim root Terror and dark Terror.

  • Genuine leather
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Custom fitted design allows you to hold the bag using your Terror amp handle

Crush Acoustic 30 Gig BagCrush Acoustic 30 Gig Bag
Nylon Padded Gig Bag (Option 1)Rocker 15 Terror
Brent Hinds Terror
Nylon Padded Gig Bag (Option 2)Dual Terror
Small Gig BagPedal Baby 100
Little Bass Thing
Leather Gig BagTiny Terror
Dark Terror
Jim Root Terror

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2 reviews for Gig Bags

  1. pipop

    where is my Orange Rainbow custom made desight rucksack.
    wanna have one

  2. Edgar Ruiz

    I NEED A gigbag to Or15.. Can you help me?

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