primary-shotgun riot







Genre: Rock

This five piece all residing from the London area, only formed late on in 2007 playing their first show in January of 2008. Since their arrival on the scene they have left a definite impression on anyone that has been lucky enough to catch them at one of their handful of shows.

Early on in 2008 the bands demo caught the attention of Martin bates of Xfm who then featured the band on his show, only weeks later Kerrang radio also had the band featured as ???band of the week??? having excited the presenters with their raw aggressive sound they simply could not ignore, not too bad for a band that was yet to play their debut show. Since then the band have written, recorded and self released their debut EP ???The Real Rock & Roll???. The EP was recorded at EAS studios in Milton Keynes and released on August 11th 2008. The band also filmed an accompanying video for the track ???Black Widowed??? which is due for release in October 2008.

Suggest to any one of them that things seem to be going incredibly well so far and they will modestly shrug it off, knowing full well the difficulties involved in keeping a band together, let alone achieving any sort of success, They are grounded, well focused and have no desire to brag. What you will find is a group of guys that work themselves into the ground, sacrificing virtually every aspect of their lives trying to make this work and are certainly not afraid to voice their opinion.

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