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Monday Morning is an Christian alternative rock band from North Carolina, U.S. In 2005 they released their major label debut through Selectric Records, Fool’s Paradise, and are known for their number 1 hit song “Wonder of It All (Next Year)”.

In high school, lead vocalist Derek Stipe met Kent Rector, who played drums. Soon Rector, Stipe and his brother Kevin began jamming together. After playing with a few other people, the group eventually narrowed down to four members: the Stipe brothers, Rector, and Justin Blythe who they knew from their church.[1] Lead singer Stipe said, “We thought we kinda had something special, so we started playing out, getting better, and it just exploded from there.”[1]

They decided on a band name, “Monday Morning“, because it was “a dose of reality.” Stipe noted, “When you confront the world, yourself, and everything around you. No more games, masks, or half truths. That is the boldness we want our music to have.”[1] In 2001 they released the three-track Monday Morning EP,[2] followed by Blind in 2002.

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