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This is Phil Shouse with the Rock N Roll Residency, Gene Simmons band, and the Ace Frehley band.

What does rock mean to you?

It means everything to me. It’s my job, my livelihood and my lifestyle. Rock isn’t anything without the roll. Anyone can rock but the roll is the hard part.

Why does Orange work for rock?

Orange amps are my favorite amps for rock for a couple of reasons. One, they look great. Two, they are built for it. The amps I play are the Custom Shop 50, the AD30, and the Tiny Terror. Their forte isn’t getting super clean, just clean enough with some hair on it. They take pedals well. With the CS50 you can crank the f*ck out if it, dime it, and then use it as a one channel amp and use your volume knob with it. It’s the best amp I’ve found for doing that.

What do you like about the CS50 in particular?

What I like about the CS50 in particular is that it has 6 knobs. When I look at an amp and it has 37 knobs on the front I think ‘I’m not going to use 30 of those.’ You don’t really need that many. When you know how to set an amp correctly, like this one with a single channel, you don’t need more than one channel, you don’t need any pedals. You can use the guitar for boosting and solos so I prefer a one channel amp over a two channel amp.

What settings do you use on the CS50?

I’m going to set the gain kind of low and the volume high. The gain acts as a volume knob so I like to get the volume loud and then move the gain down from there as needed. I normally like the presence past 3 o’clock and then put the EQ on 12 o’clock. Since it’s an Orange cabinet I’ll turn the bass down and then add back in some more mid and treble. That way when my guitar is at 5 for rhythm and when I dime it it’s gonna have plenty of bite and cut through the mix.

What bands do you like that use Orange?

One of my favorite bands that uses Orange amps is SLEEP. If we’re gonna talk about Matt Pike and SLEEP I’m gonna need way more weed. Can you make that happen? Other bands I like that use Orange are Blackberry Smoke and the Raelyn Nelson Band.