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Following the launch of the Bax Bangeetar, their first pedal in forty five years, Orange Amplification are introducing a new pair of guitar stompboxes for NAMM 2016; the Amp Detonator Buffered AB-Y and the Two Stroke Boost EQ.

Probably the smallest, active and fully functional, buffered AB-Y pedal on the market, the Amp Detonator is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of running two amps. It features two low noise linear buffered outputs, one with a custom designed isolating transformer, which has been meticulously engineered for transparency. Complete with phase correction, independent switches for A/B or both and a tri-colour LED, this compact switcher is the new standard for players running a dual amp rig.

The Two Stroke is Orange’s take on the essential ‘clean boost’ with the added benefit of a highly responsive EQ section. With 12dB of clean boost plus dual active parametric bands with 18dB of cut or boost, the Two Stroke is the perfect kit for fine tuning your lead sounds with unmatched levels of control. Traditional EQ pedals have long been a compromise, with players having to battle against the problem of excessive background ‘hiss’ common to most stompboxes of this type. However, the Two Stroke has been painstakingly engineered for superior low-noise performance, whilst its parametric nature makes for a much smoother, more musical response when compared to a graphic equaliser. No nasty spikes, just infinite command over your tone.


Perfect for making solos jump out of the mix and pushing the front end of your amp into overdrive, the Two Stroke’s straightforward layout also makes a practical tool to revoice pickups or remove unwanted frequencies in problematic venues. It also works great for electro-acoustic and bass guitars, making it a great addition to any musician’s setup.


Both the Two Stroke and the Amp Detonator can be powered by 9 or 12V and feature an internal charge pump, which doubles the operating voltage. This drastically increases the headroom, meaning they behave impeccably with other pedals in your chain.

See the Pedal Duo and other new products at the Orange Amplification Booth 4890, Hall C.

2016 marks ten terrific years of the original ‘lunchbox’ amp – the game-changing Orange Tiny Terror. To celebrate this musical landmark, Orange’s UK Custom Shop has designed and produced 110 commemorative Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary half stacks.

The limited edition head is a point-to-point hand wired recreation of the iconic original. Featuring premium components throughout and housed in a stunning, polished mirror-effect stainless steel chassis, the 10th Anniversary model is a fitting way to reflect on the amp that turned the guitar world upside down.

Each of these Tiny Terror heads comes complete with its own bespoke open-back speaker cabinet. The cabinet revels in Orange’s British heritage, finished in a never-done-before British Racing Green and will not be available separately. Fitted with a brace of 10” Celestion G10 Gold alnico speakers, the cabinet and head dovetail together seamlessly to produce the ultimate Tiny Terror tone.

Described by Guitarist Magazine as “the most important guitar product of the last thirty years”, the Tiny Terror single handedly kick-started the low wattage amp craze, courtesy of its ingenious compact design and stunning all-valve tones. The 10th Anniversary edition half stack is sure to become a true collector’s piece, and will come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Orange founder and CEO Cliff Cooper.

See the Tiny Terror and other new products at the Orange Amplification Booth #4890, Hall C.

Orange Amplification unleashes the O Bass, the latest brainchild of Ade Emsley, Technical Director and Lead Designer. It first made an appearance at the 2014 Winter NAMM as a demonstrator piece, hidden from view backstage. However Orange has been inundated with production requests following videos of prototypes posted online.

With its impeccable smooth lines and shapely aesthetics, the O Bass has a distinctively vintage sonic mojo – a well-balanced bass response with a warm mid-range. Players with a softer touch will immediately love the abundant ‘Motown-esque’ earthy overtones. Dig in a little more aggressively and the O Bass will respond with infectious harmonic raunchiness, ‘growling like a policeman’s dog’ as Ade put it!

Available in three finishes – Teardrop Sunburst, Off-Black and Orange – the O Bass is constructed from lightweight Okoumé with a bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and custom-wound split coil pickup. It is supplied with a second 3-ply pickguard for customisation and fitted with master volume and tone controls, a top loading 4-saddle bridge, 2-a-side open gear tuners and knurled knobs. It comes complete with a padded Orange gig bag.

The O Bass is set to be an instant classic with bassists pursuing a genuinely authentic retro sound. Check it out, with other new products at the Orange Amplification Booth# 4890, Hall C.

In response to the array of Class D bass amp offerings from other manufacturers, Orange Amplification has broken the mould in order to create the consummate tool for the demanding contemporary bassist. The new all analogue 4 Stroke 300 & 500 heads feature everything you need and nothing you don’t, delivering audiophile levels performance in a 2U rackmountable format.

With Class A/B output and a new discrete Class A input buffer stage, these amps speak with supreme authority and clarity, pumping out powerful, full-bodied tones that remain composed and expressive across the sonic spectrum.

The centrepiece of the 4 Stroke Series is the extensive 4-band parametric EQ network, offering players unparalleled control over their tone. This uncompromising approach allows players to sculpt their signature sound in any environment, without the fussiness that plagues so many. The finely tuned Q curves of the frequency dials achieve the perfect balance between precision and usability, whilst each band can be controlled with up to 18dB of cut and boost. Typically Orange – they do much more with much less!

The 4 Stroke’s footswitchable on-board compression tracks seamlessly and maintains the dynamics of the performer for a fat, articulate sound with tonnes of depth. Available in either 300 or 500 Watt variants, both include the usual essentials like line-level and balanced outputs, plus a pair of parallel speaker outputs. Its Class A/B nature also means it can also be run without a speaker load, making it perfect for direct recording.  

To see the 4 Stroke 300 & 500 bass amp heads and other new products visit the Orange Amplification at Booth# 4890, Hall C

Orange Amplification captured the imagination of bass players with the launch of their analogue OB1 Series of heads at last year’s NAMM show and look set to do the same with the new Orange OB1-300 Combo.

This new addition to the range captures the deceptively versatile nature of the OB1 heads with a 15” Eminence neodymium driver in ported cabinet. This combo format is an ideal match for the OB1’s fearsome multi-tonal platform, with the internal speaker harnessing the amp’s immediate attack and seriously hard-hitting low end. Even at the extremes of its wide-ranging tone controls, the OB1-300 Combo remains unerringly focussed, offering everything from vintage grind to deep, contemporary cleans. The OB1-300 Combo’s real beauty lies in its ability to go from sophisticated to unhinged at the turn of a knob or the stomp of a foot, in a package perfect for the bedroom, the bar or the big stage.


The key to the unique sound of the OB1-300 Combo is the footswitchable Blend circuit that adds a veneer of controllable gain and increased harmonic content to the upper registers of the input signal. The lower frequencies and clean signal are left alone, staying warm and clear just like a ‘bi-amped’ setup, allowing bassists to create an enormous, full-range sound. The OB1 Series heads have already received critical acclaim, with Premier Guitar dubbing the range a “standout offering” whose “tonal rewards outstrip many of its contemporary counterparts”.  
See the OB1-300 Combo and other new products at the Orange Amplification Booth# 4890, Hall C.

Orange Amplification, using their nearly 50 years of audio expertise and experience have created the ‘O’ Edition Headphones. This set of on-ear cans has been designed to deliver superior audio performance and comfort, whilst capturing the very essence of Orange.


The 40mm drivers have been engineered for a tight and rhythmic bass response, rich mid-range and an articulate top end. A purposefully neutral EQ response makes for an open and revealing sound stage with detailed layers of separation. With natural noise isolation courtesy of cushioned closed-back earcups, the ‘O’ Edition headphones create a truly immersive sonic experience to suit all musical needs.


Much like Orange’s world-famous guitar and bass amplifiers, these headphones are constructed to the highest specifications, whilst the styling blends British elegance with a reassuring solidity. A subtle black-on-black Orange logo embossed across the padded headband and the iconic Orange Crest etched into the brushed stainless steel headband signify an unwavering commitment to quality.   


Supplied with three 3.5mm cables, one with a remote control and integrated microphone and compatible with most smartphones, the headphones are easy to control and use whilst on the move.

Listen with the ‘O’ Edition Headphones at the Orange Amplification Booth #4890, Hall C.