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Saturday was a pretty crappy day in Louisville, Kentucky, USA for Louder than Life Fest. It was the first cold day of the year and it rained. The people who flew in from LA were decked out in snow shoes. The locals had waders. I had canvas sneakers.

I failed.

Our interviews went well though. Orange teamed up with Alternative Press to do interviews in the artist lounge, giving me a lot of time to meet new guitarists. You can view what’s been published here. There’s lots more to come.

Starting off the day was Beartooth. Its cliche to say they are friendly but its true. They also dug the Orange Dark Edition Headphones enough to trade some pics for them. That makes them even friendlier.

Kamron Bradbury - Beartooth

Kamron Bradbury – Beartooth

I have huge respect for Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust. He is a great vocalist and singer. He’s a machine on stage as well. But when I found out how much he loves Orange my respect jumped by a solid 2.35 points. He’s now a 102.35% respectable dude. Lajon tried out the Micro Dark amp and thought it was one of the best recording amps he’d ever heard. For that quote we also threw in a pair of headphones :-)

Lajon - Sevendust

Lajon – Sevendust

Lajon - Sevendust

Lajon – Sevendust

For the most part everybody loved the headphones. The feedback was strong enough that we’re working on upgrades now!

Mark Tremonti

Mark Tremonti

Porter McKnight - Atreyu

Porter McKnight – Atreyu

Travis Miguel - Atreyu

Travis Miguel – Atreyu

Tyler Carter - Issues

Tyler Carter – Issues

Corey and Paulo - Trivium

Corey and Paulo – Trivium

Snake Sabo is the guitarist from Skid Row. He also manages one of our favorite Orange Ambassadors: DOWN. Skid Row absolutely ruled Louder than Life Fest but the Micro Dark absolutely ruled Snake Sabo. He wanted one immediately after giving it a test run. We’re starting to see a pattern where everyone loves this amp.

Snake Sabo - Skidrow

Snake Sabo – Skidrow

So yeah, that’s good.

Overall Louder than Life was a great festival. The artists were all very open to talking about Orange with me. I find that every new festival brings more and more people telling me their stories about past or present Orange ownership. It’s a reminder that we have affected our little corner of the music world in a positive way.