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Let me preface this by saying, one more time and unequivocally, 2020 can go jump off a tall building. If this year was a soup, it would be “turd and onion.” If this year was a person, it would be Jeffrey Dahmer cosplaying as Stalin. If this year was a car, it would be the one designed by Homer Simpson.

Elon Musk Enveils Tesla's Cybertruck (2019) : fakehistoryporn
Honestly though, I’d drive this

Through it all, we persevere.

There were fewer albums released this year for quite obvious reasons. This makes a “Top 10 Albums of 2020” list a bit difficult to pull together. Instead, when the going gets tough, it’s common for music listeners to return to their roots. We pull out the older albums. The albums that made us who we are. The albums that we find calming. That’s why you’ll find quite a few classics on this list.

From everyone here at Orange, we wish you a much better 2021 filled with new album releases, bands playing shows, and artists actually making a living from music. It can’t get much worse, right? RIGHT!?!?! AHHHHH!!!!!!

Lexii Lynn of Pink Sweat$

Mac Miller – “Circles”

Chloe x Halle – “Ungodly Hour”

Grimes – “Miss Anthropocene”

Tame Impala – “The Slow Rush”

The Weeknd – “After Hours”

Lady Gaga – “Chromatica”

Iann Dior – “I’m Gone”

Pink Sweat$ – “The Prelude”

Kid Cudi – “Man on the Moon III: The Chosen”

Idles – “Ultra Mono”

Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved

Led Zeppelin – “II”

Rush – “Hemispheres”

Genesis – “Selling England By The Pound”

King Crimson – “In The Court Of The Crimson King”

Voivod – “Angel Rat”

Gasolin’ – “Stakkels Jim”

King Diamond – “Abigail”

Mercyful Fate – “Don’t Break The Oath”

The Beatles – “Magical Mystery Tour”

Mayhem – “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”

Andreas Kisser of Sepultura

SEPULTURA – “QUADRA” (I had to start the list with my own)










Bryce Paul Newman of In Flames

Donovan Woods – “Without People”

Chris Stapleton – “Starting Over”

Brothers Osborne – “Skeletons”

Gus Dapperton – “Orca”

PVRIS – “Use Me”

Dark Tranquillity – “Moment”

Drain – “California Cursed”

The Ghost Inside – “The Ghost Inside”

End – “Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face”

$uicideBoy$ – “Stop Staring at the Shadows”

Nick Johnston

Night Traveler – “Dreams You Don’t Forget”

My Morning Jacket – “The Waterfall II”

Brad Meldau – “Suite: April 2020”

Versions of the Truth – “The Pineapple Thief”

Nobuo Uematsu – “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”

Alice in Chains – “Dirt”

Porcupine Tree – “Anesthetize”

Disasterpiece – “Hyperlight Drifter”

Toto – “Hydra”

John Southworth – “Niagra”

Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless, Black Crowes

Pharaoh Sanders – “Live in Paris”

Jimi Hendrix – “Live in Maui”

Once & Future Band – “Deleted Scenes”

Idles – “Ultra Mono”

Rory Gallagher – “Check Shirt Wizard”

Mr. Elevator – “Goodbye, Blue Sky”

Neil Young – “Homegrown”

Casua Sui – “Szabodelico”

All Them Witches – “Nothing As The Ideal”

Zombi – “2020”

Swedish heavy metal band formed as a side project of Ceremonial Oath in the early 90’s and became a band at the forefront of the Gothenburg sound. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, releasing their thirteenth album this year (2019). We sat down with bassist Bryce Paul to chat amps and finger style playing.

Hi Bryce Paul here, bass player from In Flames and I play Orange amps.

I come from pretty diverse backgrounds of music, not just playing heavy metal but in the early days I was playing in Indie rock bands. So someone like Colin Greenwood of Radiohead, was very influential for me and I fell in love with the challenge of playing aggressive music with finger picking. Who do you go to? That is Steve Harris which is a great segue to my amp choice now which is the 4 Stroke series and the 4 Stroke 500. That was kind of part of the decision making and part of getting the right amps to use on the road. So we gave it a shot and it has been awesome ever since.

My demand is just some options, we play different rooms from an arena to a festival to a smaller club sometimes, and that comes into play, the room and the vibe and what you need in the mix. Playing with your fingers vs a pick style, you need to still cut through because it is going to be a warmer, a different tone. So that is something definitely always take into consideration, the 4 Stroke with the four band EQ, I am able to be pickier about certain frequencies and get the tone that fits my playing style best.

My experience to describe Orange gear, I’ve toured a lot with the AD200. Durability, it lasted many, many miles, never had any issues with it, it’s pretty straightforward rock n roll, plug n play and that is how I like it. I like things simplified but I need options at the same time.

I would say Orange amps for our sound, for heavier, heavy metal, heavier rock bands, it gives you the tools necessary to give you the tone that you need. You can have a great clean tone, it’s so warm but then overdrive, you are cutting through the mix and its going to be great.

I have two 4 Stroke 500s on this rig, one is the main and then I have a backup in case anything disastrous were to happen, because it happens. Then as far the cabs itself, I have an isolation cabinet, we mic that so we can have a few different sounds and then everything else is direct. So it’s pretty simple and it works extremely well.

Just to be associated with a brand where it is truly loved by so many heroes of mine is amazing. Because of the show, the quality and the respect that Orange has, it is awesome, I’m super stoked!