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Orange Amplification are launching the limited edition, Glenn Hughes Signature Crush Bass 50 and its colour is deep purple, not orange! See Glenn talking about his Signature amp at

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Hughes, has been an Orange Ambassador for over a decade. For many years he was the bass player and vocalist with Deep Purple, who recently celebrated fifty years of definitive classic hard rock. Hughes is also known as the bassist and vocalist for Trapeze, Black Country Communion with Joe Bonamassa, California Breed and more recently The Dead Daisies.

The Crush Bass 50 compact combo, inspired by Orange’s flagship AD200 and OB1 bass amplifiers, perfectly blends some of the most defining elements of each. It has the essentials of a recording amp and delivers warm, clean bass tones, vintage growl with fat low end and blendable overdrive. Plus, the limited edition is finished in a distinctive tough purple textured vinyl with a silver coloured plaque ‘Glenn Hughes Limited Edition’.

Talking about the Crush Bass 50, Hughes said: ‘You can go in the studio, take that bass combo and make your album with something like that, it’s truly outstanding. It’s gritty, it’s punchy: sustain is so important and its certainly got all that.’ He added: ‘Orange all the way……’s the future, it’s the way to go, you heard it from me!’

‘We feel privileged to honour Glenn with this affordable limited edition bass combo. He has played such a big part in British music history,’ said Cliff Cooper, Orange Amps CEO and Founder. ‘To make a purple combo is a fitting way to pay a tribute to him.’

To find out more about the Glenn Hughes Signature Crush Bass 50 and other Orange products please go to

You recently released your latest album ‘Defy’, what can you tell us about it?
This album is all about the live energy. After we’d released two singles, we embarked on a multinational tour where we really reconnected with the fans and the energy that our past material brought to the live show. We recorded with Howard Benson at his studio in Woodland Hills, CA. In the studio, I used my PRS basses, and a variety of different pedals and amps.

Was there anyone in particular that got you into music at a young age?
Growing up in Vacaville, seeing Papa Roach play and rise to international stardom definitely inspired me to pursue music as a vehicle to see the world beyond my hometown. From there, I was listening to anything fast, loud, heavy, or emotive. Any combination of those was perfect for my taste.

What’s your history and experience with Orange? Do you remember the first time you ever laid eyes on one of our amps?
I remember seeing so many bands using Orange guitar amps in the early 2000’s. Such a unique look and sound when compared to the JCM’s, Mesa’s and 5150’s of the time. Then my guitarist in my local band at the time used an Orange when we were in the studio cutting a demo and it just sounded amazing! I wish I could remember the model, I cant say for sure but I want to say it was a Rockerverb…

What’s your current set up? You mention having a Bass Crush 50 practice amp, how’s your experience with that, and is there any other amps you’d like to give a go?
I’m currently using a small TC Electronic RH750, but would love to use either the Bass Terror, or the Four Stroke live. I have the Crush Bass 50 for practice and it sounds incredible which peaked my interest into further trying out Orange. I’d love to give the OB1 series a whirl too, but the Bass Terror and Four Stroke have come highly recommended.

Every Christmas we have a competition called ‘Wish Granted’, where we give away thousands of pounds worth of gear to Orange fans all over the world – if you were to enter, what would you wish for?
Oh man! Definitely a bass terror & a small cab, and a four stroke head! I’d be golden!

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