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I’m Tim Montana and I play for Tim Montana, and that guys an asshole!

First time i saw Orange amps, I was driving through Montana and I started to fall asleep and there was one f*cking was right in front of me in the road and I swerved – overturned the vehicle – and the thing just stayed there like it was sent from the heavens… and so I cranked it up, and the rest is history. It’s f*cking gorgeous.

Country music to me is a hot dude in yoga pants sitting on the stage playing the tracks. But, what Country Music used it be is what I’m all about. It’s speaking your mind, truth… it’s that in-between.. you know, the woods and rock and roll. It’s Country boys speaking their mind, and the country boys I know love to party.

So we got our first Orange Amps, probably 3 years ago, and we’re doing 100 dates a year out there… driving ourselves but we’re hammering the sh*t out of these things on stage, in the trailer – I mean, we take a lot of wild roads, we hit a lot of guard-rails and deer… we just keep blasting but these amps… they’re built to last, they’re built tough and we treat them accordingly. We’re not being you know… I used to have different amps I bring out and you’d wanna treat them like vintage gear, like ‘oh careful, you’re gonna break the tubes!’ but these [Orange] things… we use them constantly, every night out there. Between the Crush amp, which is a solid-state amp – which people used to be like ‘oh you gotta have tubes’ – but that Crush is perfect for clubs. The Rockerverb 100 is amazing for some of the stadiums and outdoor events that we do and they have all of our bases covered and they’re built for guys that want to beat the sh*t out of these amps and have them work every night.

So Orange – obviously they’re a British Amp company, but they sure make some American and Country Rock and Roll sound real f*cking good. And the clean channel, the dirty channel, we can go from ZZ Top to a Waylon Jennings thing in no time and they’re just versatile. They have everything that I need and the Brits got something right. The Brits may have lost the war but they won the amp battle and that’s why Orange is the voice of Country Music.

Tag Archive for: crush