Our annual Wish Granted contest ended with more than $30,000 in Orange product given away to over 100 individual winners. We had 87,219 total wishes come in just to our website. It’s safe to assume there were well over 500,000 additional wishes just through social media.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the items we awarded by type:

Guitar Amps, Cabs, and Pedals – 48 pieces

Bass Gear – 10 pieces

Accessories and Merch – 48 pieces

We granted wishes to people in more than 20 different countries on 6 continents. Without a doubt, this Wish Granted was the crowning achievement of the 7-year-old contest.

Santa is drunk in a tree btw

We wanted to take a moment to focus on a handful of the people who entered this contest. We’ve been doing Wish Granted since it’s inception (when I created the contest while sitting in traffic driving home on a cold Christmas Eve EVE). In that time we’ve seen the contest grow from less than 50,000 impressions per year to more than 3,000,000. For most people the odds of winning must seem impossible.

For these lucky people, that impossibility has become reality. Let’s focus in on some of the winners and what they had to say about having their wishes granted by “Cliffy Claus.”

Erik Deptuch, Canada, Terror Bass Amp

“I can’t thank Orange Amps for this amazing opportunity, my year has been difficult just like everyone else’s but this definitely has rekindled a spark of hope that no matter how long of a shot that things can, and will get better. Stand strong, stand united, and support those you care about. Hopefully the next few years can be better than ever! Once again thank you Orange Amps!”

Ana Rita Rodrigues, Portugal, Two Stroke Pedal

“I’m a beginner and Two Stroke seems perfect to add more what I already have. For now I’ll be playing with my Squire Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electric Guitar and give nightmares to my neighbors.”

Henning Mesquita Brekke, Norway, Pedal Baby 100

“Been playing several different Orange amps over the years, the Pedal Baby 100 will be super helpful when traveling and playing gigs!”

Alexandra Koroukhov, Israel, Micro Dark Amp

“I wish to expand my gear as I am a guitar beginner. Once I excel in my musical duties more and more, I would love to produce sounds with some additional gear of one of the leading manufacturers.”

Robert Madley, USA, OB1 300 Bass Amp

“I wanted this amp because I needed a bass amp and I could never afford this. You made my Christmas dream come true!”

Juan Pablo Jimenez Bernal, Mexico, T-Shirt

“Even though I was a small child the first time I saw an orange amp, I could feel the power of Rock beckoning me. 2 years ago through hard work I could finally afford a Crush Pro series amp and since then I have played it tirelessly every single day enjoying its might and raw tones. I want to thank everyone at Orange and Cliff for all the wonderful gifts, all the flawless gear you have created and for being part of the history of rock n’ roll. Rock on my fellow brothers and sisters of the world and stay Orange!”

Evan Messenger, USA, AD30 and PPC212 Cabinet

“I wished for this so that I could finally get closer to starting the band that my grandfather and I always fantasized over.”

Jimmy Lewis, England, T-Shirt

“I’ll be wearing it. Externally. Almost certainly on the torso area.”

That last one is my personal favorite.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Wish Granted. 2020 was a dumpster fire, but we’re glad we were able to help add a bit of light into an otherwise dark year. Until next time!

Every month we reward one lucky winner with a free pair of O-Edition Headphones. All you have to do is post your Orange rig to any qualifying social media using the hashtag #OrangeRigOfTheMonth. Please note we are not accepting entries via email.

What’s your name, age, occupation?
Scott Sigler, Author

How’d you first hear about Orange?
I’d always heard about them, but was in London on a trip a few years back and played an Orange bass amp in a music store. I loved the straightforward controls and that big, fat sound. When I needed to find an amp with a small footprint for smaller stages, my buddy Jack Andrad recommended the TB500. Then I found the BT500c, and I was all set!

What do you use your rig for?
Gigging and recording. I run a bi-amp system, with a Lehle Dual SGoS sending a clean bass signal to the bottom BT500c, and an octave-up signal with pedal effects to the top BT500c. I get an awesome sound and a ton of power, yet my amps take up only 15″x15″ of stage space. We often set up one SP212 extension next to the drummer, so he’s got a clear bass signal regardless of the house mix.

How much did this rig set you back?
Probably around $2,750-$3,000. The BT500c, which is now discontinued, is hard to find.

How often do you update the rig?
Rarely. While I add or remove pedals, the stack itself doesn’t change. For bigger gigs, I bring in one or both of the SP212 extension cabs. The combos are heavy but portable. The small size really makes a difference when transporting to a gig.

What gear is in this rig?
Two Orange BT500c combo amps, and two SP212 cabs. Plus pedals. So many pedals.

What guitar do you use? Why?
I primarily use a Sandberg California TM5, because the fat, clear tone through an Orange amp is perfect for my band, Evan Diamond & The Library. Depending on the show or or the song, I also use an Ernie Ball Bongo 5 HS and StingRay 5 (for those clear, grand piano tones), a Rickenbacker 4003s/5 (which gives me a wonderful James Jamerson / Motown sound ), a Carvin LB75 (the neck-through and deep cutaway are killer for upper register stuff and it’s ideal for tapping), a Warwick $$ 5 (for the rawk) and a Warwick Streamer LS5 (which does everything well and is also very light). I use Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalt strings.

When was the first time you saw an Orange amp?
I couldn’t say. Probably 10-15 years ago at a Guitar Center somewhere.

If you could own any piece of gear, old or new, what would it be and why?
If I had room for it (and could hire roadies to carry the damn things), the Orange OBC810 with an AD200 head.

Who is your guitar hero?
BASS: Billy Sheehan, Misa, Flea, Clay Gober, Duff McKagan, Phil Lynott, Mike Dirnt, Doug Wimbish, Davey504, Les Claypool, Charles Berthoud and more. I’m partial to bassists who write distinctive, hummable hooks and are audible in the mix. GUITAR: Angus Young, Severiano Wada and Steve Vai.

Can you share any links where people can go to hear how this sounds?
Sadly, we haven’t finished the EP where I used this rig to record, but here’s a video of Evan Diamond & the Library where you can see it in action. Here the band’s Spotify page.

Orange Amps is launching a brand new monthly contest called simply “Rig of the Month.” That’s right, folks, all you have to do is submit a picture of your Orange rig, big or small, to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, making sure to tag it with #OrangeRigOfTheMonth. At the end of every month we’ll comb through the entries, pick our favorite, and post it to our social platforms AND on our website in a blog post so everyone can see the awesomeness of their Orange rig!

Here’s the best part: the winner will receive a pair of Orange O Edition Headphones!

Rules: Open to the world. No purchase necessary.

We don’t expect all the submissions to look like this, by the way