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Orange amps are covered by a 1 year Warranty from the date of purchase. The terms and conditions of this Warranty are outlined here. Subject to consumer protection laws in the country of purchase and our Authorised Distributor’s terms and conditions, an additional year may be added by registering your product using the below form. For avoidance of doubt, please contact the Authorised Distributor for your region/area.

By registering your amp you may (subject to the above) receive 1 additional year of major component warranty coverage (a total of 2 years). Tubes and speakers are warrantied for a period of 90 days from the purchase date. For all purchases outside the UK and USA you must contact the Authorised Retailer who you purchased your Orange Amp from. ** Your Orange Amp must be purchased from an Authorised Retailer/Dealer/Distributor.

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