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Supernatural Hot Sauce

A must for lovers of hot chilli sauce.

Orange Supernatural hot sauce provides a vegan friendly, tangy, fruity, hot condiment with a medium to hot level of spice.


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I would say it’s very tasty and a little bit sneaky

3 reviews for Super Natural Hot Sauce

  1. Kieran (verified owner)

    The 3 chilli rating is a little misleading, this baby has some serious kick! Whilst it packs a lot of heat, it does have a pleasant flavour – just don’t do as I did and pour it on your food in copious quantities and end up blowing your head off!

  2. Johnny (verified owner)

    Definitely agree that the 3 rating for heat is misleading! Blew my head of off and cleared out my sinuses for sure! Use with caution if your not use to strong punching heat. Quite enjoyed the taste and the chilli kick tho!

  3. Mark Cookson (verified owner)

    Hot Stuff. Not for just putting on ya burger in great dollops! I’m about to experiment with it as an ingredient in a salsa, marinade or chilli recipe. In small increments! 👌

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