Grade 3 to Grade 5 guitar exam. This is the Online Exam Arena. Free mock exam included.

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About this Exam:

In this Online exam you will record your performances and take your Theory. If you pass the Intermediate online exam you will receive an international qualification recognised by the UK and European qualifications standard. You can use this qualification to further your music career into Universities and Further educational establishments across the UK and abroad. To take this exam you will have had to have learnt the Intermediate course content with your teacher  or have taken the Orange Online Intermediate Guitar Course.

How it compares to the other qualifications out there.

The learning outcomes from the Intermediate course are similar to that of other major music exam boards based in the UK.

What are the benefits of the Orange online practical exams over current music practical exams?

Our loyal customers at Orange know that we are usually first to come up with ground breaking ideas for the industry, leading the way to the future. The Orange Online practical exam is exactly one of these and we encourage all examination boards to follow suit and we will share our information freely on how it works! After all, if it leads to more students across the world having access to an international qualification for less cost then we have done our job! Our close partnership with Online Music Exams and TLM have made this all possible.

For Teachers: There are less exams to do via this method, so instead of 9 there are only 3. Teachers can use their own methods of teaching for students to obtain the learning outcomes. If students lose their music it’s all available online! Teachers can be in the exam with their student to make sure they feel comfortable especially for the younger students. Exams can be taken any day of the year, no more time wasted waiting!

For Parents/Adult learners: It costs less! You don’t have to travel to the examination centre or take your child out of school in order to do so. There are no books to buy, we have given you the Course Materials for FREE. Exams can be taken any day of the year, no more time wasted waiting. Exam fees do not escalate as the student goes through the Grades.

For Students/Adult learners: You don’t have the pressures of performing in front of an examiner, you can simply record your performances when you are ready at any time of day. After all, we have enough pressures in life so why make music a pressure? It should be a pleasure to play. Exams can be taken any day of the year, no more time wasted waiting.

For Everyone: Our examiners can mark your exam and send you back your results as early as the next day! What’s more is that if after you receive your results and you want to get a better mark, you can take the exam again the following day.

The GREEN Orange: A big part of our mission was to introduce our commitment to sustainability and reduce unnecessary consumption. For us this meant reducing paper wastage and carbon emissions. We have done this by making our course content FREE to download with efforts put in to reduce the need for students to print. We have also reduced the need for examiners and students to travel to and from exams, reducing carbon emissions by making the whole process available online.

How long does it take?:

If you take the exam from start to finish with no stops then it can take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Otherwise take each part at your leisure up to 1 year.

Questions? Ask us anything!