Takes you through grades 6,7 and 8 (out of 8). Not satisfied? Let us know within 14 days for a full product refund!



About this course:

This is the Rock Guitar Advanced course.

It builds on your learning from the Intermediate course and takes you from Grade 6 to Grade 8. It contains instructional videos, diagrams, theory, musical backing tracks and tests for your sight reading and aural training. Once you have finished this course you can then take the NQF and EQF accredited Orange Rock Guitar Advanced Online Exam. See what this course covers below.

If you wish to learn with your own teacher or on your own you can obtain the course material and syllabus for free. Just go to this link and scroll down to the content and syllabus icon.

What areas this course covers:

Chromatic Intervals

Three Octave Arpeggios

Additional scales

Introduction to Modes

Legato Techniques

More Bar Chords

Modal Speed Workout

Pentatonic Speed Workout

Drop D Tuning

Applying basic advanced music theory to your playing

Listening to complex melodies and chord progressions, and then playing them back

Sight Reading complex melodies and chord progressions, in notation and TAB

How to play to a famous piece of music

Recommended study time:

It is expected that you spend approximately 138 hours to complete the Advanced course (this hourly approximation includes the time spent working on each Advanced course page). Some students may spend considerably less or considerably more time than 138 hours as everyone works at their own pace. Our 138 hours is just a guideline. You may wish to study this course on your own/without a teacher – we suggest that a student be at least 11 years of age before attempting to do this.