primary-Hello Vegas
Genre: Indie Rock


When the dust settles around spacey guitar riffs, sing along choruses and foot stomping, hand clapping back beats, you have Hello Vegas. Four guys brought up on classic records, with a taste for epic songs layered with melody and moving lyrics. Transplants to sunny Los Angeles California, Hello Vegas is made up of Adam Reiter (Guitar, Vocals), Jesse Gurtis (Keys, Piano, Back-Up Vocals), Jason Pavilanis (Bass, Back-Up Vocals), and Zach Davis (Drums and Percussion).

Their music is a culmination of both where they are now and where they’ve come from. Ranging from songs soaked in sunshine and making you want to hit the beach to more fuzzed out rock that calls for your next shot of whiskey. Brought together by a passion for music and each bringing their own influences to the table, it’s hard to deny their addictive sound that’s made its way virally around the world and created a healthy core following. Hello Vegas will take you on a journey both live and on record, fusing songs together to make for an unforgettable experience. They describe themselves as “music you can swim to” which is exactly what it says. Flowing between songs and taking you on a wave of sound then bringing you down to a calm atmospheric setting filled with hooks that you will be singing back long after the music has ended.


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