Orange Amplification Launch Kongpressor Class A Compression Pedal

Orange Amplification add to their successful guitar pedal range with the launch of their new Kongpressor. The new pedal draws on the world’s most iconic vintage optical studio compressors for its inspiration, adding a stunning three dimensional quality to any rig.

The Kongpressor is an analogue Class A compression pedal with a very natural sound. It has an incredibly satisfying, springy playing response with attack and release times that can be adjusted to suit. At low compression levels the pedal’s effect is transparent, yet somehow fattening, adding mojo and a glossy sheen to the core tone.

Like all Orange pedals, the Kongpressor doubles its operating voltage internally to 18V. This drastically increases the headroom, resulting in super clean compression. Even at extreme settings, where most compressors start to suck the life out of the sound, the Kongpressor’s tone remains musical with a great feel under the fingers. Whether you are new to compression or a seasoned user, it is impossible to get a bad sound from Orange’s latest offering.

In addition to the compression parameters, the pedal also features an active treble control, Chime, to add extra sparkle if desired. This means it also works brilliantly as a clean or treble boost for lead lines that will cut through the band with plenty of full-bodied, singing sustain. It also features an ultra-linear buffered bypass to maintain tonal integrity and harmonic content when the pedal is switched off.

Orange Amplification First Ever Acoustic Pre-Amp

Orange Amplification proudly present the Orange Acoustic Pre, their first foray into the acoustic pre-amp market. Having been a pioneering force in the world of electric guitar amplification for almost fifty years, Orange are known for producing some of the finest sounding, most dependable valve amps in the business. It is only right that Orange’s maiden voyage into the acoustic world will set a new standard for hi-fidelity tone.

Handmade in the UK, the Orange Acoustic Pre is the world’s first stereo valve acoustic pre-amp and active DI, offering supreme clarity and unrivalled performance. Designed and built to be used on stage and in the studio it affords the same warmth, natural compression and rich harmonics to acoustic players, previously only available to their electric counterparts.

The twin channels can be used independently, or blended together. The unique valve Channel A is for active and passive instruments with completely different circuitry to most valve guitar amps. This gives it a much wider frequency range enabling it to capture every subtle nuance of an acoustic guitar. It features a variable ‘Heat’ control which directly affects the tonal response of the valve, bringing in more sparkle and ‘air’ as it increases. This adds extra detail to delicate finger picked passages, whilst turning the Heat control down reveals more rounded tones that are perfect for flatpickers.

The solid state Channel B has a different, slightly softer character with outstanding clarity. This channel has ¼ inch instrument input and an XLR input with switchable 48V phantom power. Both channels have a three band EQ with parametric mid-control and switches to correct phasing problems. The unit also features a stellar stereo reverb, plus effects inserts for each channel, balanced and line outputs.
Stevie Wonder and fingerstyle jazz guitarist Martin Taylor are already touring with Orange’s acoustic pre-amp with great success.

Orange Amplification Launch Rocker 15 & 32 Combo Amps

Orange Amplification’s latest combo amps, the Rocker 15 and 32, are small, light, and the best partner for any guitar players’ pedal board. Their performance and tone will take guitarists from the bedroom to live playing with ease.

The Rocker 32 is Orange’s most versatile amp yet: A portable, all-valve 2×10” stereo combo. At the heart of this unique amp is its valve driven stereo effects loop which opens up a world of limitless possibilities for pedal board users. The amp can be used as a ‘normal’ mono amp or be configured for Wet/Dry, or even true stereo for huge sounding panning effects. At 30 Watts (15-a-side) the Rocker 32 has plenty of clean headroom, but also features a handy half power mode to suit smaller venues.

The Rocker 15 is an amp for all occasions. Switching between 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts of output it moves seamlessly from home, to studio, to stage. Despite its extremely compact 1×10” format, the tone is always fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation. There’s also a valve-driven effects loop for total clarity from input to output.

The Rocker 15 and 32 have been designed by Technical Director, Adrian Emsley in the UK. Both amps feature an all-valve signal path plus a twin channel layout with an intuitive Natural channel. This channel features just a single control – Volume – and is perfectly voiced to bring out the natural character of different guitars and effects. The second, Dirty, channel has a more familiar look, with a three band EQ, and delivers the classic British grit that Orange is known for. Engineered with an emphasis on great tone and portability, both amps feature Orange’s new 10” Voice Of The World™ Gold Label speakers and the same beefy transformers found in the iconic Terror series.

Orange Amplification To Giveaway Micro Dark Amps & Bax Bangeetar Pedals At NAMM 2017

Orange Amplification are launching a Golden Ticket promotion at Winter NAMM 2017 with a chance to win fantastic prizes. Each day one lucky visitor to the Orange Amplification Booth #4890, Hall C will walk away with a Micro Dark guitar amp and Bax Bangeetar Pedal together worth $568.

To be in with a chance of winning simply pick up a free Orange cloth bag (one per visitor) when you visit the booth where Orange’s experts will be available to answer questions about all their products, old and new. If, when you check your bag, you find a Golden ticket, please take it to the Orange booth before 5.00pm on the same day to claim your prize and get your picture taken with the legendary founder and CEO of Orange Amplification, Cliff Cooper.

The popular Orange Bax Bangeetar Pedal is endorsed by Billy Gibbons who said ‘Lovin’ this thing!! It’s revealed itself as a true tone chameleon ….. super versatile.’ Guitarist Magazine commented on the amp, “Despite the Micro Dark’s diminutive appearance, it’s capable of tone and volume out of all proportion to its size.” 9/10

Visit the Orange Amplification booth #4890, Hall C to see all the new products and pick up your Orange bag. Good Luck!

Fitzpatrick To Be New Orange Amps Distributor For Sweden & Norway

Orange Amplification has appointed Fitzpatrick AB as their new distributor in Sweden and Norway.Fitzpatrick AB, a leading independent distributor of musical instruments, music and studio equipment and pro audio, is known for the breadth and depth of the product range it wholesales across Sweden and Norway. This new appointment continues to strengthen Orange’s range of products and customer support available in Scandinavia.

Anders Aronsson, owner of Fitzpatrick said, “We are deeply honoured and delighted to be able to do Orange in Sweden and Norway, a heritage amp brand with the uniqueness of still having its founder as owner and CEO, as well as continuously developing new and exciting products rather than resting on its laurels.”

Ulf Mickols, Sales Manager at Fitzpatrick said, “We have found that as companies we have a lot in common, both passion driven, putting quality first, privately owned, with the long term perspective on business and relations.We at Fitzpatrick didn’t start in the music industry for any other reasons than the love of music and great products that give musicians tools to express themselves, something we certainly have in common with Mr. Cliff Cooper and his excellent team.”

Orange Amps International Sales Manager James Deacon said: ‘We are delighted Fitzpatrick AB is to be our new partner in Norway & Sweden. We look forward to working with them to grow Orange Amps’ presence across Scandinavia.

To find out more about Orange Amps visit  and to contact Fitzpatrick AB please email

Meet Jesse Hughes, Stef Carpenter, Brian Welch And Brent Hinds

Meet Jesse Hughes, Stef Carpenter, Brian Welch And Brent Hinds on Orange Amplification Booth This Winter NAMM 2017. Join Orange Amplification at their NAMM booth # 4890, Hall C and meet some of the world’s best rock and metal guitarists.

There will be meet and greets with Orange Ambassadors Eagles of Death Metal frontman, Jesse Hughes, Deftones’ co-founder, Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter, Grammy award winning Korn’s co-founder Brian ‘Head’ Welch and Mastodon’s singer and guitarist, Brent Hinds. Talking about his Orange gear Stef said “My Orange 4×12 and 2×12 cabinets are a wall of sound that shakes the floor!  Their beauty and sound are unmatched!  Love these cabs!”.

Appearance Details:

Friday 20th January 2017

Stephen Carpenter, 1.30pm PST

Saturday 21st January 2017

Brent Hinds, 12.00pm PST

Brian ‘Head’ Welch, 2.00pm PST

Jesse Hughes, 3.30pm PST

Catch up with your guitar heroes, ask them questions, get their autograph and check out all the new products when you visit the Orange Amplification at their booth # 4890, Hall C.

Giving Away Gear Worth $10,000/£8,300 This Holiday Season

In a new video, Orange Amplification’s founder and CEO, Cliff Cooper, would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a successful 2017. He would also like to remind all that for the fourth year running Orange are going to make people’s wishes come true with their ‘Wish Granted’ competition.

Whether it is a Micro Dark, Rockerverb, O Bass, Dual Dark, O Edition Headphones or one of Orange’s other amazing products, to be in with a chance of winning go to Orange’s Facebook page or and tell Cliff what you would like.  Plus, you can double your chances by sharing the post. Orange is ‘Where the Magic Happens®

The competition closes 24th December (11.59pm) 2016 and the winners will be announced on Christmas Day.

Visit or and make your wish.

Video link:

Best of luck to all who enter.

COMPETITION: Make a wish!

Orange Amplification, an iconic British Amplifier for nearly fifty years, are pleased to announce their fourth annual Wish Granted competition. Once again, Orange have expanded the competition and the budget to grant more wishes than ever before!

In previous years Orange have given away more than $7,000 / £5,700 worth of gear which has included amps and combos from the Rockerverb, OB1, Crush, and Dark series. This year Orange are giving away $10,000/ £8000  of prizes, with everything from the current Orange Product range available in the competition, giving you the chance to win a truly exceptional prize.

To get your wish granted, simply post on Orange’s Facebook page what you would like this holiday season between 1st December and Christmas Eve December 2016. Plus, you can double your chances of winning by sharing the post. Winners will be announced Christmas Day.

Enter the competition at or fill out the form below with your wish.

Best of luck to all who enter.

  • We need this to contact you should we grant your wish!
  • What would you like - browse our the website for idea's!
    We won't share your email with anyone else and we might even buy you a drink if we see you at the bar.


Unearthed Documentary Reveals The True Motive Behind Orange Amps

Orange Amplification’s latest video, on the new ‘O’ Edition Headphones website, is a shocking revelation which, has taken the amp world by storm. Newly discovered footage confirms what conspiracy theorists have been claiming for decades: Orange Amps is a front, a sham, born solely from the desire to create the ultimate pair of headphones. Yes, headphones.
The rare documentary, which appears to have been made with little to no budget, is entitled ‘Erroneous History of Headphones.’ It features interviews with famed headphone historian Rosamund Silberson VII, as well as the late headphone enthusiast and counter-culturalist Marshall Slogg. Erroneous History of Headphones takes the viewer on a trip through the origin of headphones, from their use by telephone operators in the early 20th century to the American Great Depression when Mr. John ‘Chicken Noodle’ Campbell realised their potential as soup cans.

I had no idea headphones used to have soup in them,” said bewildered SnapChat commenter Orangesucks32. “I also don’t believe this is actual history, like, at all.”
The news that Orange Amps was founded as a means of bankrolling the owner, Clifford Cooper’s dreams of building the “last pair of headphones you’ll ever need to buy” is sure to upset even the most dedicated of Orange fans. Since 1968 the company has been seen as a bastion of crunchy British guitar tone. Artists from Slipknot to Stevie Wonder have played their amps. What will the fans say when they’re told it was all a lie?
Orange has lied to me. I’m gonna assume they were lying when they said they didn’t have the budget for a first class ticket to NAMM too. I’m still gonna play their amps, of course, but I probably won’t be using their O-Edition headphones…in public,” commented Jim Boot, Sipknot.
What did I just watch? Where am I? Where are my shoes?” asked Brent Hinds, Mastodon
For his part, Orange Founder Cliff Cooper is remaining mum on the subject. After repeated attempts for comment on this story, we received only a vague and hurried response from his secretary: “Freaking game changer.”
Watch Erroneous History of Headphones now with (obviously fake) commercials:
To find out more about the origins of headphones, a social history of our times and to purchase theheadphones please go to

Billy Gibbons Becomes New Ambassador

Orange Amplification are delighted to welcome ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons as an Ambassador for the Orange Bax Bangeetar pedal. He has recently discovered Orange’s new British made guitar and bass Pre-EQ pedal and said ‘Lovin’ this thing!! It’s revealed itself as a true tone chameleon ….. super versatile.’

Billy Gibbons is best known as the guitarist and lead singer with the American Rock band ZZ Top, which he formed in the late sixties with bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard. They remain one of the very few major recording groups to have retained the same line up for more than 45 years. ZZ Top were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 with four of their albums certified gold, three as platinum and two as multi-platinum. Their songs have become classic and hard rock staples.

As a guitarist, Billy Gibbons is a respected blues scholar with an instinctive touch. His legendary mastery of his instrument is something many guitarists spend a lifetime achieving.  Regarded as one of rock’s leading tone-meisters, Billy honed signature sound, drawn from a deep knowledge of blues / rock traditions, is full of catchy, meaty riffs and sublime solos. He is not known for using pedals and effects so Orange is particularly proud that he has chosen to use the Bax Bangeetar, both on stage and in the studio.

The Orange Bax Bangeetar was the company’s first foray into the pedal market in more than forty years. Handmade in the Orange Custom Shop, England, the pedal feels and behaves like an Orange amp, delivering natural break-up, without any hint of stifling compression. The Bax Bangeetar has a huge dynamic range producing classic Orange crunch and vintage overdrive at moderate gain settings, increase the drive levels to yield a wealth of outrageous modern tones with insane amounts of distortion on offer. It has a unique flexible gain structure, giving it extensive tweaking capabilities. With the Baxandall EQ and full parametric mid controls allowing complete command over a broad frequency range its response is almost infinite.