How to get the most from your 4 Stroke

The Orange 4 Stroke is a versatile, all analogue bass amplifier and it can be used to play a lot of different styles of music. So here is a quick guide to some of the sounds you can get from this powerful and versatile amp!

What is parametric EQ and how can it help?

Parametric EQ can boost or cut certain frequencies to change how your bass sounds. The 4 Stroke has four EQ bands, Treble, High-mid, Low-mid and Bass. At 12 o’clock, nothing is boosted or cut, the amp’s tone is unaffected.

Below this is the frequency control, these affect the bands above right of them.

As an example, if you want more treble you can find the right frequency and boost or reduce it.

Below are a few examples of how to achieve certain sounds with your 4 stroke:

Smooth Motown Sounds

Getting a smooth bass sound is simple with the 4 stroke, as seen below boosting the treble and cutting the lower and upper-mids will achieve this.

Harmonic Fusion Sounds

Cutting the high and low-mid frequencies , while boosting the bass and high-mids will give the tone a smooth sound and highlight the harmonics.

Slap Bass Funk Sounds

Using the built-in compression and boosting the bass and treble while cutting the mids, will give your slap bass a real punchy sound.

Rock Grit Sounds

To give you that real old school punk/rock bass tone, boosting the frequencies is the way to go. Cutting the low-mid frequency around 220Hz also helps the other frequencies to jump out. 3000Hz frequency being boosted to near full, will give a crunchy tone.

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