Developing the Orange AD30 Head in 1998 was a crucial turning point in the Orange story.  Originally, the plan for 1998 had been to produce the Hustler Reissue. Hustler lead and bass combos had been the most successful of all the late 1970s Series Two range.

However, the prototype Hustler Reissue supplied to Orange for testing did not recreate the special sonic characteristics of the original. Therefore, Cliff Cooper made a strategic decision to embark on a completely new era of innovative – not solely retro – Orange amplifier design.

The AD30H was the first new product, and its pioneering design embodied the Millennium Orange era and attitude. Most notably, this Class A master volume amplifier featured self-biasing circuitry and a rectifier valve which replaced conventional silicon diodes, thereby ensuring smooth delivery of power to the output tubes – which in turn extends valve life. The AD30 combo featured two 12” Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ speakers.

The success of the award-winning AD30 was sustained in 1999 with the launch of a 15 watt version – the AD15 – also available as a head and combo.

In 2001 Orange launched a twin-channel version – the AD30HTC – which has since sold in massive numbers worldwide.

In 2002 a Custom Shop hand built upgrade of the AD30 was introduced, powered by 2 x EL34, with a Class AB 50 watts/Class A 30 watts option and a sustain footswitch. The Limited Edition 2×12” combo version was called the AD50C.

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