Unsigned acts to be heard in Firestone’s Battle of the Bands!

Unsigned music acts and artists across the UK are being given the breakthrough opportunity of a lifetime with Firestone, whose Battle of the Bands competition is back for another year featuring Orange Amplification’s Wolf Alice bassist Theo Ellis.

Firestone’s Battle of the Bands will provide hundreds of acts with the opportunity to showcase their musical skills, with the iconic tyre brand now promising to build on the successes of the past two years like never before.

More than £2,000 worth of invaluable Orange Amplification equipment will be up for grabs for the winning band, not to mention studio time worth around £1,500 and support towards the creation of a bespoke EP album.

Orange Amplification, returning partner Professional Music Technology (PMT) and Firestone will also have the responsibility of judging the entries and agreeing on eight shortlisted acts. A public vote will then decide which three acts will then have the opportunity to perform on the new look artist stage, located in the pre-show entertainment area on the Arena Birmingham concourse, where the final will take place on a date to be confirmed soon.

Battle of the Bands can now be entered at battleofthebands.firestone.eu

Firestone enlisted the support of Orange Amplification, who celebrate their 50th anniversary next year, alongside one of their endorsed artists, Theo Ellis, to add their voice and support to the promotion.

Firestone’s Battle of the Bands was created to give unsigned acts a chance to shine, with its ‘Be Heard’ strapline created to give musicians a chance to do exactly that – and hopefully make their big industry breakthrough.



Battle of the Bands will officially launch today (29 September 2017) with eight shortlisted acts eventually being selected after an October 22 closing date. The competition will then be opened out to an online public vote from November 13 to 23, with the top three going forward as the finalists to play on the Firestone Stage in the pre show entertainment area on the Arena Birmingham concourse on a date to be confirmed soon. An overall winner will then be announced in front of the biggest crowd they will have played to, at the famous indoor venue.

Firestone’s brand manager Stuart Attfield said: “This will be our third Battle of the Bands competition and we are looking forward to it being our biggest and best yet.

“Music is ingrained in our DNA and dates back to our Voice of Firestone radio show in America many years ago. We are passionate about giving talented bands a journey to the main stage, which is why Battle of the Bands is such a vital competition for us.

“We wanted to build on two really successful years and engage with even more ‘grassroots’ musicians than previously. Our new ‘Be Heard’ strapline is particularly fitting as we think that every single artist should get the chance to have their own sound amplified to a big audience. Battle of the Bands will make sure that this will be the case for so many acts.

“Both Theo and Orange Amplification will supplement the existing partnerships we have with Professional Music Technology and Arena Birmingham, so we really hope this year’s event will be more memorable than ever.”

Ahead of the start of a heavy touring schedule to promote the release of Wolf Alice’s second album, Visions Of A Life, Theo Ellis said: “With small gig venues closing and bedroom music become increasingly accessible, Firestone’s Battle of the Bands is a cool opportunity for musicians to make and put their music out there to be physically heard. Music fans get to hear fresh new bands, that discovery is exciting for everyone involved in music and it’s great it’s being promoted here.”

For more information about Battle of the Bands and details on how to enter, visit battleofthebands.firestone.eu

Job Description:

Job Title: Product/Project Coordinator

Location: Orange HQ, Borehamwood, 108 Ripon Way, WD6 2JA, England

Line Manager: Managing Director

To apply e-mail: jobs@orangeamps.com

Role Purpose:

Reporting to the Managing Director this is a pivotal role within the business. The successful candidate will work closely across the business to ensure the on-time, on-cost and on-specification delivery of new products.

This is a role that requires excellent communication skills as it interfaces with all departments within the business.

Key tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Work with the Senior Management team to maintain the new product roadmap.
  • Create and agree clear product specifications for all new products.
  • Create and execute a SMART project plan for each product.
  • Work closely with the Technical team to:
    • Understand the scope of technologies and products in development.
    • Ensure that products meet all safety requirements.
    • Maintain schematic and service information.
  • Work closely with the Operations team to:
    • Agree a deliverable solution.
    • Ensure that accurate information is provided for manufacture.
    • Manage any discontinuation of old product with the Sales team.
  • Work closely with the Sales and Marketing teams to:
    • Develop a coherent launch plan.
    • Provide key data for all communications.
  • Work closely with Finance team to:
    • Ensure pricing is in line with market expectations.
    • Create a 12 month budget for new product development.

Based on the Orange Music Electronic Company Values we are looking for people to join the team who:

  • Will be an Ambassador for the Company at all times.
  • Have a proven track record of Delivering the Highest Standards.
  • Have strong communication and influencing skills to develop Partnerships and Teamwork.
  • Are constantly striving to Improve Performance for themselves, their team and the Company.
  • Are proactive and solution focused and takes Ownership and Responsibility for their own and their team’s part in seeing everything through to the best possible conclusion.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Essential Requirements

  • Project management experience ideally within new product development.
  • An understanding of manufacturing techniques for electro-mechanical products.
  • A commercial approach to product development.
  • Ability to work with UK and overseas manufacturing sites.
  • A structured approach to delivering results but able to solve problems creatively when required.
  • IT literate.

Preferred but Non-Essential Requirements

  • Some knowledge of the AV or Music Instrument markets.
  • Experience with a ERP system such as SAP.
  • A passion for being the best.

Personal Qualities

  • Professional communication skills externally and internally.
  • Time management and good organisational skills with the ability to prioritise and manage workloads in a timely manner.
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to work autonomously.
  • Full, clean driving licence.

Orange Amplification is delighted to introduce two new pedals to their range; The Fur Coat is a vintage fuzz and the Getaway Driver is an overdrive, cab sim, class A type pedal. Both have been designed by Orange’s Technical Director, Adrian Emsley.

The Fur Coat, inspired by the great fuzz tones from the seventies is loosely based on the old Foxx Tone Machine originally released in 1971 which was often used by artists such as Peter Frampton and Adrian Belew. Designed with a foot switchable octave, it is superbly versatile, allowing players to adjust  the level of the upper octave rather than just turn it on and off. In keeping with the era’s vibe, it is built with germanium diodes and is Orange’s only true bypass pedal. When used it puts a ‘dirty, smelly fur coat’ on every note produced giving them a warm, furry quality. The Fur Coat drapes itself over the music; stroke it lovingly to produce grungy, warm effects or turn it up for lots of filthy, shaggy texture. Its tone can be dressed down casual, super modern, funky or wonderfully dramatic.

It sounds absolutely phenomenal’ said Clutch’s Tim Sult and Matt Pike from Sleep said “I’ve tried every fuzz pedal on the planet. This is my new favorite. The Fur Coat is everything I expected Orange would do with an octave fuzz. It’s seriously gnarly.

The action-packed Getaway Driver is an amp-in-a-box type pedal. It has the same transparent, buffered output as the Orange Two Stroke and Kongpressor pedals plus a second Cab Sim / headphone output. This makes the Getaway Driver perfect for silent practice or recording. The three dials, Volume, Bite (tone) and Gain, allow players to ‘rev their engine’. The pedal really excels when played through an amp’s clean channel, even ones with a bright cap. Low gain and high volume makes for a clean boost, pushing amps over the edge into classic overdrive. Armed with one of these, players can be transported back to the fast and furious seventies feeling the heat as this hot rod pedal drives relentlessly forward to produce the closest thing to the buzz of being a real getaway driver.

This pedal is great……..it sounds like vintage Orange’ observed Damon Fox The Cult/ Big Elf.

The Fur Coat can be powered by 9 or 12V DC. Running at 12V increases the headroom and the output volume available. It draws very little current, less than 5mA allowing for a long battery life. The Getaway Driver can be powered by 9 or 12V DC. At 9Vs the pedal has the characteristics of EL84 valves, whereas 12Vs gives it a EL34 flavour.

To find out more about the Fur Coat and the Getaway Driver guitar pedals please go to https://orangeamps.com/ and also check out our new YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0e7-5zEL5s&list=PLA620E1C3C54EBC0A


Tim Ireland has been appointed as OMEC’s (Orange Music Electronic Company) new Managing Director with effect from August 21st. This role includes global responsibilities for the whole group and the mission to drive the company forward in an ever changing industry. The appointment comes after an extensive search to find the right person with the appropriate skills and experience. Tim has over fifteen years experience in audio in a variety of senior roles including CEO of Meridian Audio and Head of Product Design at Bowers & Wilkins. He brings a wealth of global understanding and operational expertise to the role as well as a thorough understanding of the product.

His credentials are supported by a successful commercial background, involving setting policy structure and implementation of distribution channels and strategies globally as well as securing lucrative business to business licensing contracts.

Quote from Tim Ireland:
“I am looking forward to my role as Managing Director with a company with the heritage and reputation that Orange holds in the music industry,” said Tim. “My aim will be to grow the brand even further, ensuring we deliver the best service possible to our ever expanding customer base.”

Cliff Cooper, Founder & CEO:
“On behalf of Orange Amplification it is with great pleasure that we can announce the appointment of Tim as our new MD. His experience, dedication and leadership were key points for our selection and we wish him the very best in his new appointment.”

First day on the road with Radio Moscow and I’m currently on the verge of dying from alcohol poisoning and bad decisions.

Kicking it all off, they played a sold out show at London’s Borderline last night supported by the legendary Groundhogs, and I must say, having the Groundhogs supporting you is pretty damn cool – and pretty damn brave as those guys can tear shit up and have been doing so for decades, even before any of the Moscow dudes were born. It was my third time ever seeing Groundhogs, and needless to say, they left big boots to fill. Luckily, Radio Moscow are pretty damn great too and had every mind in there blown within the first song. It was my first time ever seeing them, and I’m stoked I get to see them again tonight. And tomorrow. And Thursday. Then twice again in October. That’s right, no getting rid of me now for these dudes.

Following last night’s gig I spilled an entire bottle of ranch over myself backstage before venturing next door to the dingiest dive bar of them all, Crobar. A place you go to lose your dignity, memory and personal belongings, and it might not come as a surprise that it’s all a bit of a blur after that. Cans of red stripe, hotel hallway vending machine bags of crisps, listening to Dirty Tricks and falling asleep on the floor. So far I think I’ve made a great impression on everyone, and it’s going really great.

Most of today has been spent in the van feeling horrendously hungover, with the highlight of the day being a pit stop at some pub in Kent which hosts Freddie Mercury, Michael Bublé, Elvis, and of course – white Tina Turner tribute nights. Next level entertainment right there, so I shall be returning once I’m sick and tired of this San Diego psych rock and in the mood for an upgrade.

As for now, we’ve just arrived in Hastings to find the venue being on the second floor, and had to load in a bunch of amps up through three flights of stairs, and as you all know, Orange amps are good as gold, but god damn heavy as led. Still, spirits are high, and as I type the guys are setting up and getting ready to soundcheck. Tomorrow we’re at The Exchange in Bristol, followed by The Castle and Falcon in Birmingham on Thursday, and I’m hoping for lifts and no condiment spillage.

Describe Orange Amps in 10 Words or Less! You don’t even have to own an Orange. We just want to know what you think about our brand – good or bad!

The First Place Winner will be awarded the Ultimate Orange Pedal Board based on the creativity of their description. Runners Up will have their name and description featured in our upcoming pedal marketing video (scheduled for release in September).

First place winner will record a scripted audio message for inclusion in the video.


This Blog piece was written by Sam Hafferty. Orange is a supporter of Miami Girl’s Rock Camp.

Hi! I’m Sam Hafferty. 2016 Camper, 2017 Assistant Director at Miami Girl’s Rock Camp (MGRC). This would sound like a HUGE transition anywhere else, but those who know the MGRC environment and philosophies, know that this camp is not like anywhere else. Even though I was put in a more mentally (and physically) challenging position in carrying out my duties as a volunteer, I found the overall experience to be far more enjoyable and educational than difficult in any sense of the word. My overall time at camp over the past 2 years has created a combination of education, service, and emotional support fueled equally by every single person involved during camp week.

I remember when I first heard about a girl’s rock camp starting in Miami. I was 16 and very interested in my local DIY cultural communities. I knew that I was eligible to join camp in its first year, but was too thrown off by the fact that I might be the oldest camper. I now understand that at MGRC, It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 70, you are still treated with as much support and love as the next person. After seeing how great the first year looked on social media, I decided I didn’t care if I was going to be the oldest camper anymore, and signed up in 2016. By the end of my first day of camp, all of my misconceptions and worries were forgotten, I was surrounded by people who cared about my comfort and upheld the ideals of positive relationships with one another.

At Miami Girl’s Rock Camp, I had made real connections and friendships with my peers and mentors. Many of whom I kept in touch with year-round. My experience as a camper opened up new possibilities for me to encourage positivity and creativity in all aspects of my life. After performing in the MGRC showcase as a newfound bass player, I was motivated to start a band outside of camp with some friends. My first post-MGRC performance was actually thanks to one of the directors of camp, Emile Milgrim, who invited us to play in her section of my favorite local gathering, the International Noise Conference! After that first performance, I felt confident enough to go out and proactively seek shows to play with my band all around the city!

Leading up to this summer’s camp week, I was excited to play a very different role. I performed a wide variety of tasks, from roadie work to administrative work to small counseling roles. I had a chance to see the behind the scenes of all aspects of running camp. Even though I was equally as active and stimulated going through camp week as a volunteer as when a camper, I had the added benefit of observation. I was able to truly recognize the transformation campers go through from all of the amazing experiences at camp. Whisperers become screaming singers and individualists flourished in a collaborative setting. In short, reflecting over my experiences as both a camper and volunteer at MGRC has taught me that this camp is equally magical, educational, and refreshing to all parties involved.

#zombie shred @thecranberries w/ @orangeamplifiers #mgrc2017 #thecranberries 🤘🏻

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2016 was a cracking year for east London music promoter Fluffer who’s notoriously known for their ‘Fluffer pit parties’ where the concept is simple; Band in the middle, and crowd 360. The idea behind the pit parties is to take the gig back to the fans and break the barriers between the band and the audience.

With a string of pit parties in secret warehouse locations, they ended it all with a bang at east London venue Shapes in Hackney Wick, featuring bands such as HECK, Bo Ningen and the Black Lips. After taking a bit of a break, Fluffer Pit Parties are back with a vengeance and bunch of killer pit parties coming up, the next one being headlined by none other than Californian dream team duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, in the form of Deap Vally.

The two piece who originally met at a crochet class (how every rock band starts out, right…?) in San Fernando Valley California back in 2011, have since then toured excessively in the UK and Europe as well as the US, with bands and artists such as Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Wolfmother, Garbage and Blondie –  to name a few. Not to mention, releasing two albums with their 2013 debut «Sistrionix», followed by 2016’s «Femejism».

The two piece who is known for their energetic and unapologetic live performances plays blues infused garage rock ’n’ roll, and can bring to mind other bands such as The White Stripes or Bass Drum of Death. Dressed in sequins, tassels, leotards or all of the above combined, front woman Lindsey Troy struts around stage, while drummer Julie Edwards becomes one with the drums; wild hair everywhere as she pushes the bands pulse to the max. As the pit parties are all about the energy, we can totally see why Fluffer’s so excited to have them – we’re super stoked to be involved!

Joining them, will be Denmark’s Baby in Vain and UK band Yassassin, making this a refreshing breath of fresh air in a world that is predominantly male dominated; Three, fierce full female bands taking names, kicking ass and playing rock ’n’ roll – we’ll be there with bells on, and so should you. Get your tickets while you still can, this’ll be a good one.

Get your tickets here.

Orange Amplification is delighted to be sponsoring the 2017 Progressive Music Awards once again. These prestigious awards will be held at The Underglobe on the September 14th. This year, Orange Ambassadors Mastodon, Sólstafir and Rush are nominated for awards.

Mastodon, winners of this year’s Golden God Award for Best Live Band, have earned themselves a reputation as one of the most creative metal bands of a generation. The stunning artwork of their best-selling seventh studio album, Emperor of Sands, has been nominated for Prog Awards 2017 Album Cover Of The Year. In addition, ‘Show Yourself’ the second single from the album and the band’s most commercially successful has been nominated for Video of The Year. Mastodon has just announced their Emperor of Sands tour will be extended with seven UK Shows from December 2nd in Cardiff to the 10th in London.

The music of Icelandic heavy metal band Sólstafir has been described as a unique blend of metal, beautiful melodies with psychedelic moments. They have been nominated for International Band / Artist of the Year at the Prog Awards. Their sixth album Berdreyminn, released in May 2017 is being supported by a UK and European tour throughout June.


Rush’s fortieth anniversary edition of their seminal ‘2112’ album has been nominated for Reissue Of The Year, sponsored by Orange Amplification. The re-mastering of this landmark 1976 album adds polish to an already superb example of musical agility. It has Orange Ambassador Geddy Lee’s vocals popping and his iconic bass lines sounding refreshed and rejuvenated. The album may be forty years old, yet 2112 remains as relevant as ever.

To find out more about the Prog Awards, the categories and vote for your favourite Orange Ambassador please go to www.progmagazine.com/awards. To find out more about Orange Amplification, its products and its artists please go to https://orangeamps.com/.