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When interviewing our artists and asking about early influences in music, there is one repeat offender: their dads. My case was no exception—I was brought up in a Motörhead / Ramones / Bad Religion / Deep Purple and-the-list-goes-on-and-on-and-on-forever household, all thanks to my dad. This alone is probably the reason I ended up where I am today. I dropped out of school, but my “home-schooling” in front of my dad’s sound system taught me all the knowledge I ever needed, and landed me this job. So, in honour of Father’s Day, and all the dads out there who nudged their kids in their musical direction, I asked my dad Frank: “If we were to go back in time and you had to re-start my musical upbringing, which songs would you play me?” The playlist below is the result. Enjoy!

We asked you to share your favourite riffs with us and we’ve now compiled them into a playlist, no surprise here that Black Sabbath’s the king of the castle, with about half of you saying’Into the Void’ is the best riff ever. Listen below, or by finding us on Spotify under ‘orangeamplifiers‘ and give us a follow to be kept in the loop of new playlists. Happy Easter!