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Competition: Win a Bax Bangeetar

The Bax Bangeetar is basically an Orange preamp in op-amp form, coupled with a studio-style Baxandall tone stack active equaliser, in a stompbox enclosure. As a traditional stompbox the Bax Bangeetar is in a class of its own, boasting a unique and hugely versatile gain structure preamp with extensive EQ controls. Dial in an enormous range […]

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Interview: Wata of Boris

You have been an Orange player for a long time now, can you tell us a bit about your history and experience with the company?オレンジのプレーヤーになって長いのですが、わが社との出会いと経歴を簡単に教えて貰えますか?Wata: Boris has been active since 1992.We have been touring through USA, Europe, Asia, Oceania and various places. When we first started, we were influenced by the 1960-70 psychedelic and hard […]


Interview: WITCH FEVER

Welcome to the Orange family, ladies! You’ve been around the Manchester scene for a while now, can we get a bit of background on the band for those new to you?WITCH FEVER: We’re Witch Fever, a doom punk band from Manchester. We met during uni and have been a band for four years, with a […]