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Entries by Darren Carless

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What Are You On About?

Ever wondered just what the hell some people are on about in your local music store? If you have then fear no more as this time around the blog takes a look at a few of the more common terms, abbreviations and slang that guitarists use (both in the real world and cyberspace). So hopefully […]

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Board Building

A few months ago the blog took a look at all the things you should be thinking about if you’re putting a pedalboard together (missed it? Check this out). With the previous blog in mind, this time around it’s about putting the theory into practice and coming up with a board. There are two very […]

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Beginners Guide To Buying A Guitar

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO…BUYING A GUITAR By Darren Carless So the guitar bug has bitten (what’s taken you soooo long???) and it’s time to buy your first guitar…but where do you start? Simple…you start by reading and absorbing our concise (but very helpful) Beginners Guide To Buying A Guitar. When figuring out where to start with […]


Orange does pedals too!

As we’re all well aware Orange is known around the world for making kick-ass amps. But that’s not where their abilities end and in recent years they’ve also produced some mean pedals…and they’re all right here for your pleasure. TWO STROKE 12DB CLEAN BOOST ACTIVE DUAL-PARAMETRIC EQ TRANSPARENT BUFFERED BYPASS   Orange’s version of a […]


Thou Shalt Not…

THOU SHALT NOT… They’re not exactly cast in stone like the real commandments and you’re not going to be struck down by lightning or whatever it is that happens if you should break them but there are some things that should never happen when it comes to playing in a band (even though we all […]

Supporting Cast

The Beatles famously sang that they’d ‘get by with a little help from their friends’. As guitar players our ‘friends’ are something that we should not take lightly. Although playing guitar is a very subjective thing, when it comes to the big picture of guitar playing we simply wouldn’t be able to survive without those […]

Pedalboards: The Other Stuff

A pedalboard’s primary function is to provide a home for your beloved pedal collection as well as making life a little easier out there on the road, but they are not solely the domain of effects pedals per se. Pedalboards can also provide a haven for other guitar-orientated bits and pieces; some of which might […]