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AMPLIFIED! with guitarist and producer Kurt Ballou

Before I wrote this blog I had a scan through my record collection. My taste in music is pretty varied however, it leans towards the heavier side. Sure I got some Rick James and Prince, once in a while you got to put on some slow jams, however, the majority of the collection is music […]

Getting Technical: Output Valves

  Here at Orange Amplification, we love our valves. There is something addictive about the warmth, tonal quality and rich harmonics generated by a good valve amplifier, and our commitment to valve technology scaled new heights in recent times with the introduction of our ground-breaking DIVO VT-1000 Valve Tester and DIVO OV4 bias management system. […]

AMPLIFIED! with Amp Tech John Chidley

This time we talk to John ‘Badge’ Chidley. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, John has been a tech for ten years. He has worked some of the biggest pop acts of our time. We ask him the usual host of questions. So, how did you get started? Only one who had tools and had friends […]

AMPLIFIED! with Amp Tech Drew Foppe

Welcome to the first AMPLIFIED! The AMPLIFIED! series is about those dedicated behind the scene road warriors. The people who keep the tubes glowing and the speakers moving. They are the lubricant in the cogs of the rock and roll machine. They allow the Herculean’s of music to stampede into your town and entertain you […]