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The (indefinite) Guide to Orange Endorsements

I manage Orange’s Artist Relations (AR) team. Every day someone asks me how to get an endorsement, which we call an “Ambassadorship” (because, except for me, we’re British). I usually give a canned response with ridiculously high standards so that I can finish the conversation faster. The reason is that while we do have some […]

The Terror Series of Amps Explained

In 2007 Orange released the Tiny Terror. It was the beginning of the “lunchbox” craze of low-wattage, portable amps. Since then we’ve expanded our offerings in the series to include the Dual Terror, Dark Terror, Micro Terror, Jim Root #4 Signature Terror, and the Tiny Terror Combo. But exactly what are the differences between these […]

Why You Should Be Testing Your Tubes

The Orange VT1000 is the world’s first all-digital, portable tube (valve) tester. But what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that we took all the technology that formerly went into this: And fit it all into this little guy right here: You may want to ask yourself why nobody else did this already. After […]

AMPLIFIED! with Arcite

  Why Orange? When using other brands we found that no other could match the clarity and presence that Orange have. Our guitar tones are now presented to the fullest and we can perform live with full confidence that we’re going to sound great, even in venue’s with bad acoustics/PA/sound systems. The gear is so convenient to travel […]

Real World Orange – Crush Pro CR60 Combo

  Welcome to the second installment of Real World Orange. My name is Derek Carvotta and I am one of the Regional Sales Managers for Orange USA. Each month we will feature a different Orange amp being used in a different environment. From rehearsals to gigs to recording sessions, we will detail the gear used […]