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Orange Are People Too: Steven

Who are you, how long have you worked here, and what do you do at Orange? My name is Steve Miller, I’ve been at Orange since Sept 2011. I am the Chain Supply Manager for the Company. I purchase all the parts to make our great amps, oversee all logistics for the company, oversee our […]

Orange Are People Too: Rohan

I’d like to introduce a new feature to the Orange blog. We’re calling it “Orange Are People Too,” because while its easy to imagine Orange employees as part-dragon, part-Jeep demigods, we’re actually just sentient beings that wear clothes and shop for groceries and fly and breathe fire and have built-in 4×4 traction control technology……just like […]


The Order of Things

By Guest Blogger Darren Carless Previous blog articles have briefly looked at the types of effects that are available to modern guitarists, what you need to be thinking about when taking your first steps into the world of pedalboards, and the enigma that is the effects loop. With those previous editions in mind, this article […]

Editorial: Finding Your Own “Geartopia”

Contributor Bradford Wolfenden II believes that in order to find the right mix of equipment for your guitar set-up, sometimes you need to keep it simple, sometimes you need to think outside of the box. Geartopia Gear is nothing without you, the player. Your preferences, or lack thereof, determine the entire path your expressive desire […]

A Guide to Pedalboards: Where to Start?

So you’ve amassed a small collection of pedals but to be brutally honest it looks a mess when they’re all set out in front of you, takes bloody ages to set them all up and can get a bit confusing. So what’s the solution? Simple…it’s time you got yourself a pedalboard. Now it’s all well […]

A Quickguide to Effects Pedals

By Darren Carless Back in the good ole days the choice of effects available to guitarists was very limited to say the least. Fast forward to present day and the modern guitarist is bombarded with just about every effect imaginable (and some that are not). So what do they all do? This edition of the […]

Starting The Band! (A Quick Guide)

Starting a band can feel like the mountain peeking from the clouds. You can see where you want to go but the path is not exactly clear and it looks a long way off. Today this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are more ways than ever both physically and digitally to meet birds […]

To Loop or Not to Loop

It’s quite evident that the effects loop is still greeted with mixed reviews even though it’s been with us for quite some time now and is a very common feature on many guitar and bass amplifiers such as Orange’s TH30 and OR15. In order to gain an understanding as to whether the effects loop is […]