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Its Never Enough

By Darren Carless If you’re a guitarist (or any kind of musician for that matter) there’s nothing better than standing back and admiring your gear in all it’s glory (for anyone reading this who hasn’t done this…it comes highly recommended). It’s hard to put the feeling into words…there’s just something about the smell of your amp, the sight […]

Deftones @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood (Atlanta, GA)

On Wednesday, August 12, Incubus, Deftones, Death From Above 1979, and The Bots played Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood in Atlanta, GA. I was there with the Artist Relations Manager/Guru of Orange Amps, showing artists a yet-to-be-unveiled new product, making connections, and hanging out with one of my favorite bands of all time. My first-ever backstage […]

Top 5 Myths About Orange Amps

By Chris Corfield As you know, Orange is blessed with a rich heritage. And, as with any company out there in the public realm, we have had to observe a range of myths, mistruths and misunderstandings about our history. Well, we simply won’t stand for it any longer. You guys deserve the truth. So, we’ve […]

Orange Amplification Opens Nashville Showroom with Artist Solutions Network

***Article originally published here*** Orange Amplification, in partnership with the Artist Solutions Network, opened their doors to a diverse group of friends and guests during Summer NAMM for a grand opening event. Over one hundred musicians, production managers, technicians and others came by to check out the new showroom facility at Marathon Village near downtown […]

A Quickguide To Effects Pedals – Part 2

By Darren Carless A few months ago the Orange Blog took a brief look at some of the effects that are available to the modern guitarist (Missed it? Check out it out here). Given the vast and varied amount of effects available, the previous edition concentrated on more ‘standard’ effects (if there is such a […]

Editorial: The Quest For Tone

By Darren Carless All of us have heard people talk about tone, or read something about certain bands or individuals having fabulous tone, or seen an advertisement stating that this amp or that pedal is exactly what you’ve been looking for and will help sculpt or define your tone. It’s no secret that guitarists are […]

Ambassador Interview: Lacey (UK)

Tell us a bit about Lacey We’re from Nottingham, we formed back in 2011 the way a lot of bands do – through the break-up of previous bands! The difference with us is that we grew up together, so we’re fortunate to have that deep-rooted bond that might take a lot of bands a long […]

It’s Not Working (How To Problem-Solve Your Rig)

By Guest Contributor Darren Carless Let’s set the scene…you’ve arrived at rehearsal, loaded everything in and set it all up. You decide it’s time for a couple of riffs. You lift your guitar onto your shoulder and check the tuning. You turn to your amp to make sure that everything’s set at a reasonable level […]

An Obsession with Orange

By Orange Forum Admin, Billy Claire Healthy? Unhealthy? Who’s to say – you decide! It all started around 1978. I had been playing guitar for nine years and had gone through a Montgomery Ward amp; a Sound Electronics amp; an Ampeg VT-22; and had just recently purchased two Marshall Superleads and two Marshall 4X12 cabinets […]